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Bethanys Diary

Hi I have seen you all doing a diary so i thought with going to a weight watchers meeting i will join in with you all if this is ok.
I started ww last week which it took alot of doing but when the time nearly come i decided to go and I was made welcome by the leader and other people what was there and I even knew some from another slimming club I felt a bit self concious as i was the fattest one there but afterall we are there for the same thing.
I started on the thursday morning writing everything down and weighing foods what needed to . But im not eating all my points as there seems to be too much food but the saying is eat to lose weight . Im glad ive joined ww and now i can come on here and join in with you all you are all so nice and supportive .
I might need a kick up the bum if not doing much good
So hope this diary is ok for the begining and hope some will join on with me to make it intresting.

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Hi I have seen you all doing a diary so i thought with going to a weight watchers meeting i will join in with you all if this is ok.
That's a great. You can put all your questions on here and won't need to start new threads. Good thinking Batman :)
I'm glad you've started up your own diary Bethany - now we can all keep a close eye on you, hehe.


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Hi Bethany, I think its a great idea, keep posting on this thread how you are feeling and what you are eating. This way you / we can keep tabs on your progress. Plus having this diary thread we all know where to come now if we want to see how you are.

Take care
Thanks ever so much
Im not feeling too bad today just cant seem to eat my points ive not had many today will have some left over again .Got some sugar free jelly and rasps for later might have a meriungue nest and creme frais


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If you keep chosing low point food, then it may seem a lot. Why not chose things a little higher in points?

What did you have for breakfast?


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And then what? A banana? A chip butty? What did you have after that, knowing that you need to 'up' your points?


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Yeh you need to eat higher point foods if you are struggling, either that or sit and eat about 10 yogurts....lol.
If I had points left over I would try to use them with yogurts.
If anybodys got any suggestions on what will help me to use my points i will be really grateful as i think im doing it wrong if anybody wants to pm me feel free with any menus and points
Why don't you post your daily menu with the points you're using in your diary? That way we can look it over each day and if we have any suggestions we can post. It will be a lot easier to make suggestions if we know what you're eating. Maybe try the format used in this thread.

Also, regarding your post in Clairs thread - I know it looks as though it's going to be a neverending journey, but just take it one step at a time. Set small goals to begin with and you will be surprised how quickly you achieve them! Aim to lose half a stone, then 10lbs, then into the 16s. When you get to 16st 1lb you will have reduced your weight by 10%! That's a really big change and your health benefits significantly!

Don't focus on the end goal, instead just take it gradually, it's a lot easier to focus then. You can do it Bethany! :D

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