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Beth's weight loss journey...

Hello everyone :wave_cry:

I've been reading all the posts here to try and keep motivated! This is my 2nd attempt at lightlife, I had a go last year and gave up after losing around 10 kgs... Then I spent the year putting on what I lost plus another 10 kgs...:(

Its the end of day 4 now and I am feeling strong, but am not finding it easy. I found it really hard last time too. This time though I really want to get to my goal weight, do management and really learn how to keep the weight off.

I would call myself a compulsive overeater and a long term yo yo dieter, but I am so sick of living this way. This is hopefully the beginning for a happy, slim and in control me...:eek:

Beth :jelous:
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Hi Beth

welcome back to LL, you say you are finding it hard? Are you drinking enough water hun? it really does make a big difference! you sound very motivated, keep coming on these boars for loads of support and before you know it the weight will be dropping off......Good luck

i look forward to reading your posts



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Hi Beth, welcome back. You are right LL is not the easiest path, but the benefits in so short a time are going to be amazing! Keep us updated on your progress. Angela x


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Hi Beth

Congratulations for returning to LL. keep focused, remember your goals and turn to minimins every time you have a wobble and you will be fine. I wish you all the luck in the world xxx


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Hi Beth,

I've just started again today on my 2nd attempt so we're in the same boat! I am sick of my binging and feeling miserable and out of control about my eating habits and I'm hoping that when I feel slim, I'll feel so good about myself that I will get out of these vicious eating patterns. Well done for getting to day 4 - I'm hoping to get there too!!! - 1 day at a time....we can do this!
Hi Beth- you can do it girl, you really can! I have just finished week 3 and can honestly say this is the best thing I have ever done. It might be harder second time round, but you will get all the support you need here- it has been totally invaluable to me to read the stories of others.
Remember- if in doubt, drink!


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Hi Beth, well done for coming back and giving it another go - that shows commitment as you know exactly what you're letting yourself in for. I'm also on day 4 as is Kels -- so we're all going to be here for the next few months together so just shout for support/chats when you need it.

I also found that the before and after pics were just amazing to look at as well as reading everyones stories - so give these a good luck at when you're feeling the going is tough.

Hi everyone :)

Thank you for all your encouragement! I love this site, it's nice to know others are in the same boat... Getting on ok, but not drinking enough water which is why I am probably not feeling great. I have never been a water drinker but I know I have to get into it now. I've got the water flavourings but is still hard. Am gonna measure out my intake tommorrow to make sure I have enough and see if that helps...

:eek: Beth xx
Getting on ok, but not drinking enough water which is why I am probably not feeling great. I have never been a water drinker but I know I have to get into it now.
Hiya Beth, welcome to the wonderful world of LL. You will get on brilliantly and we're all here for the same reason so chat away.

On the water - I really can't tell you enough how important and helpful it is to drink at least your four litres a day. This will help keep you from getting peckish - your body doesn't know how to say "I'm kinda thirsty", so it goes for "I'm hungry" instead. Which is a lie, because you are getting everything you need from your packs, but Body is used to picking up most of its water from your food. No food - no water, so you have to replace it.

The best bit of necking the water down is that it will seriously accelerate and help your weight loss. And we all know how good water is for the skin, so you'll also be looking blooming outside and all clean inside! Plus, on a slightly icky matter - if you don't get enough water inside you, your body will try and take it out of your faeces and constipation can ensue - ick ick.

You're going to do great! Best tip I can give you is buy a 2 litre bottle, fill it (from the tap if like me you are cheap) and keep it by your desk. One bottle in the morning, one bottle in the afternoon and suddenly you've had your four litres! Anything in the evening is therefore a bonus! :D
welcome back & well done for getting back on track as some people have really struggled to get back on the wagon. Look forward to hearing how you're getting on!
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If you persevere the water does get much easier to drink after a while. Have you tried having the water flavourings hot? I find thats a pleasant way of having some anyway. I alternate a cup of plain water out the tap (which I down quickly) and a cup of hot flavoured. I know my cups at home hold 250 mls so I need to drink 16 which sounds a lot but actually its really manageable if you put your mind to it. I used to set myself mini targets.... 1 litre by 10am, another by 12, another by 2 and another by 4... then drink whatever I like after that wether its a lot or not!

Best of luck to you!



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Hello there Beth, welcome back to LL!

It's both the easiest and most difficult programme I've done ... if that makes sense. Mags is right about the water - it is the key to continued success.

I used the water flavouring in hot water, just about 5ml spoon size in a pint of hot water. At least 4 litres every day. I also used it in sparkling water (value brand from Tesco)cold - tastes like lemonade.

Use Minimins for support, advice, inspiration!
Well first weigh in tonight and 3 kgs off so i'm pleased...:)

For the past 2 days have had 100 grams of ham which I know is not ideal, but I felt starving, my own fault because at the start of the week I had a couple of days when I ate an extra bar, so was left with only 3 foodpacks for the past 2 days. Also skim milk in coffee x 3 :eek: No excuse for that except that I felt like a coffee and hate it black...

I never felt out of control or in binge mode and was careful meat had 0 % carbs, so not feeling overly guilty, i'm still just as determined to do this!

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