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Bev's Refeed Diary


Here we go again!
Day 1

Strawberry Shake

Chocolate Shake

Chicken breast, lettuce, red onion, red pepper, green pepper, pickled onions and a little balsamic vinegar.

My first meal was lovely. The salad was the best bit though. The peppers and the red onion tasted amazing. The chicken was lovely too, but not as good as the salad. I've been converted to salad!!

It did feel a bit strange to be chewing again after all this time and my jaw was aching a little after I finished. I didn't feel full after it but about 1 hour later I did feel as though I had eaten. Thought I would feel stuffed but didn't.

I feel so pleased to have made it to this stage though. Bit emotional about it really.

My workmate sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers today to say congratulations and my hubby surprised me with a beautiful gold bracelet just to well done. What a gem he really is :D
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Aaaaaah . Thats lovely Bev . Shows how proud and happy they are for you. Delighted your salad was scrummy . I can still remember the flavours of my first meal. :drool:

Well you did it girl . Congratulations and hope tomorrows meals are equally yummy . :woohoo:


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Thats fantastic Bev, I bet you were emotional. Good luck on this phase Bev, I am sure you will do great. Glad you enjoyed your meal, and I know what you mean about salad, the flavours are still amazing to me after a few months.


Here we go again!
Thanks ladies. I have a tuna salad to look forward to for tomorrow's lunch followed by another scrummy chicken one. Can't wait to be allowed a small baked potato and then some brown bread.

Whoever thought I'd get so excited about a potato and bread?

Can I ask when are you allowed sugar free gum and very low fat mayo, is the mayo allowed after day 4?
Hi Bev great to hear your enjoying refeed and finding it good :D. Ooh yes I know what you mean, I wouldnt have believed how much I would have enjoyed the simple things when back eating. Lurrve tomatoes now and used to hate em.
When I emailed Lipotrim they said it was ok to use extra light mayo from day 4 onwards. Not sure about the sugar free gum soz.


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As I've said elsewhere Bev, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it and it was worth the wait and anticipation. You'll do great I'm sure. xx
Ahhhh.... that's lovely Bev! It's nice when family and friends recognise your big achievement! :)
I also found it strange using my jaw to chew food again!

Enjoy the refeeding!

Irish Hobo x


I will be skinny again!!!
Awww Bev!!

Thats great :)

Yup the flavours in salads is amazing aint it?


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Awwwww how thoughtfull and sweet of them to do that! No less than you deserve though!!

Glad you enjoyed your first meal Bev :) Only 5 more shakes till mine - cant decide between salad or veg?!! lol

How did you cook your chicken?xx


Here we go again!
Day 2

Chocolate Shake

Tuna and salad (as yesterday)

Chicken and salad (as yesterday but with pickled cabbage)

Today's food was lovely too. Really enjoying the salad. Had some barbecue seasoning on the chicken tonight and it was lovely!

Looking forward to my jacket potato tomorrow night with tuna and salad.

Tanya, I sealed the chicken in a hot pan and then put in the oven for about 15-20 mins and it was lovely and moist too.
Yum, sounds lovely Bev!!! :)
I barbequed a chicken breast with chinese 5 spice on it and it was yummy too! I highly recommend trying that!

Irish Hoboxx


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Oooh sounds yummy bev :)

whats this 5 spice thing people have mentioned? x
Hi Tanya!
You get it in the supermarket in the spice section. It's made by schwartz, called chinese five spice, you can also get thai seven spice. Haven't tried it yet though. But it makes the chicken taste sooooo good! :)
Bet you can't wait till tomorrow, it's scary but exciting at the same time!!! lol!!!
Irish Hobo xxx


Here we go again!
Day 3

Chocolate shake

Chicken and salad

Baked potato, tuna with onion, chives and fromage frais and a little salad.

I was really full eating this and couldn't finish it! I haven't felt full like that for a very long time. Glad that I still recognised that full feeling and that I have that full button back working again!


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Im glad for you too bev :) xx


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Sounds good Bev. I'm glad you have your full button working well. I still don't have one. I never did but I hoped I would after LT ... ah well, I just have to learn how much is too much!

Glad you're enjoying everything you're having! xx

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