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BIG belly


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Hiya, have you ever had it checked by the doctor, just to be sure it is merely where your fat is stored, rather than due to any underlying health issue?

If it is just where your fat is stored, it is just a case of losing weight... I always store fat on my belly, and it is the last to go... being apple shaped can also be an indicator of insulin resistance, and losing weight and eating healthily can help this a lot.


I need chocolate now!!!
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Hi, I'm insulin resistant and all (or 90% anyway) of my weight is on my abdomen. I have rolls and rolls of flab as well as a big muffin top. However my mother and sister also have the same body shape so genes play their part too. It is horrible being this way as clothes shopping is a nightmare and I've been asked several times if I were pregnant. Before I gained all this weight my stomach was relatively flat so when we loose the weight the big bellies will go - just have to loose the weight now!


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I also store the weight mainly round the tummy. When I buy trousers I have to put elastic in round the waist to keep them up as my waist is tiny compared to my tummy. But no matter wot I do can't shift it :(
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I have the same problem!! i am sick to death of everyone saying to me.. ur not fat, your skinny it is just your stomach!!!

i always get looks to my tummy area as people presume I am pregnant.. it is hard! i have bought maternity clothes because they fit great around arms and chest and then flow at stomach. Worse part is I am ttc.. and is a constant reminder!

I said it to my ex-gyne once - i said i look 9 mths pregnant.. his arogant response was .. you dont look 9 mths you look 6mths!!

please god one day someone will find out the cause and cure for pcos!


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Tobea did you hit your ex gyne doctor??? I think i would of done!! I get told most of the time that my belly is getting huge, and have been told i looked pregnant. I cant wear the tight gorgeous tops i want to wear cos my belly sticks out by a long way! But good advice is to wear the tops that sit tightly around your breasts and then flows out around your belly! Shows off your good bits and draws eyes away from the belly :)
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i am 8st 8lb and i still have this problem!! xx
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My shape is exactly the same. I've never had a flat stomach, never. Even when i was relatively slim..i still had a bit of a belly. I can remember seeing pictures of me when i was bout 6..and i have a pot belly already. Nothing has changed..except that its far bigger than it used to be coz i've gained so much weight.
Having kids has just made it a whole lot flabbier than it used to be too..would love to 'chop' off this verandah that hangs over my private parts! lol
Aaahhh the joys of being an apple and having PCOS! It sux!!!
I guess once we lose our weight, we need to start dressing to hide it and emphasise our good bits. :)


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yeah i geots the TUMMY too, and ive been told its a PCOS thing, you just store all your fat around your abdoman......x
i have the same prob, all my weight is round my belly, i have skinny legs and arms and boobs a d so ok but this massive big flabby belly, i hate it, even when i lose weight it goes off everywhere except my belly, i lost 6 and a half stone last year but still have a belly, grrr


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Same here I'm afraid, though I'm large all over so it's not overly out of place, but it is where I carry most of my weight. No doctor has ever mentioned it being due to my PCOS specifically.
Hi guys. I too have just been diagnosed with Pcos and the reason u store fat around ur stomach is because of the insulin resistance that comes with Pcos. This means u have too much insulin in urblood and so excess sugar is stored as fat very easily, predominantly around ur abdomen. You can combat this by eating a very low gi diet high in protein and fibre...and u must avoid sugar and refined carbs. So when dieting you should only do diets plans like the low gi diet and the Atkins as all the meal replacement diets are very high sugar! Also cinnamon is good to add to food as it helps stabilize blood sugar levels and a supplement of chromium.
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Yeah PCOS sucks!!

I hate the belly I have its huge in comparison to the rest of my body. I cant remember how many times I have been asked my shop assistants how many months pregnant I am! This prompted me to start internet shopping!

Even though my sugar levels are excellent, I was prescribed Glucophage by my endocrinologist (also have hypthyroid). I stopped taking it though so its not doing anything for me.

Tell you what though, I have, or had (now I am on CD), an excellent diet full of fibre, fruit and lean protein, pulses etc and it didnt do ANYTHING for me - thats another important reason why I started CD - cos Im fedup of avoid sweets, fatty food and exercising x2/day and not losing anything!
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Hey ThisTimeItsForever...what is CD?

I've seen various sources which state it as very much a PCOS symptom and is one I've always suffered with. It is linked with the whole Insulin resistence thing and diabetics suffer this kind of shape too (although I'm not sure which is the cause and which is the effect since you see so many articles saying that weight around the abdomen puts you at greater risk of diabetes...)

Anyhow, I read of a study recently that took two groups of diabetics and put one group on a restricted diet and the other on diet and exercise. Both groups lost the same ammount of weight but only the exercise group lost fat from their abdomen. It seems that getting active is the way to beat this particular problem!
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