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Violet is shrinking
I'm watching, I hate that Amy wotsit, she's so bloody thick it's embarrassing lol! I can see she's going to annoy me big time, plus Jedward...why oh why are they there!!! And who is that Paddy? I think Pamela and the politicians wife should be interesting to watch.
lol yeah i agree they will be good to watch, and im surprised at myself that im actually looking forward to what trouble the twins cause!! lol i hate them but i cant wait 2 see them wind the others up!
also..they are gay arent they? did u see their reactions when they were asked about whether they want a gf? lol!
yeah amy is dumb as poo and i also really dislike kerry katona- always have! xxx


Violet is shrinking
I've never liked Kerry either, I think she did wrong by her kids when she was doing all the drugs...but I have to admit that, she's cleaned herself up now, got herself back on track..I admit she's annoying butt I do feel that a lot of what she says and that sillyness about her is partly because she just wants to be accepted...

I didn't know Jedward were gay!....I wish they'd cut their hair! lol!
haha! i dont know for a fact if theyre gay but im pretty damn sure! lol yeah i know what u mean about kerry, its just that shes said shes cleaned herself up before and then got caught snorting coke by NOTW lol!! never mind, we will see how the programme progresses! :)
we watch the episode the day after its been shown, we sky + it cos i like to be in bed by 9 (im like a little old lady)lol xxx


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I watched the launch night, then I watched last nights ep! Jedward are quite annoying, but I can't help but like them. I was shocked though, when one of them spilled coleslaw on the kitchen floor and just left it - disgusting. If I was in there, I'd MAKE them clean it up! I was hoping we'd see a more mature side to them... but I think they must act like children 24/7. Their poor mother!!!!

Paddy is the gypsy guy from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, isn't he? Don't really know why he's a celeb...


Violet is shrinking
Jedward are really annoying me, I hate them!!!!! I really wanted Bobby to go...I mean who is he? He is so rude and annoying and quite boring, I think Sally should've stayed.

I never watched the gypsy program, but Paddy is growing on me, that's when I can understand what he's saying lol! I like Darryn too :)


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I don't really like any of them - I liked Lucien at the beginning but not now.

Jedward said a few months ago that they weren't gay but considering the majority of their fans are girls they wouldn't come out if they are gay - it could ruin their career.
Iv been watching it, and I really like Kerry, but I always have done. Iv read her books and I think she is very mis-understood, so I hope she does well in it. I also like Amy, but I liked her on TOWIE too. Im not too keen on Tara, or Pamela though, I think they both have problems lol. Lucien is mega fit, and soooo reminds me of a mingled version of Marvin and Aston from JLS, lol.

Who's gunna go tonight then?? Pamela or Darren????

My guess is on Pamela, cos she's quite strange, and I like Darren :) lol x x


Violet is shrinking
I love Darryn, I think he's great and he's just being him, that's how he is. I want Pamela to go, I liked at the start, not now....I think Pamela will go!...can't believe Bobby wasn't up, I think he would be going if he was up.

I'm liking Kerry and I agree, she is missunderstood, I think the way she comes across isn't really how she is, I think that's just part of her illness. I don't agree with how she was in the past, but good for her for changing and turning her life around.. I think she'll stay for a while.
Hated Jedward before they went in, now I find them sooo funny! Yes some of the things they do are filthy and disgusting, but at times I can't help but laugh at them! Especially when they had to dress as babies!

Also loving Paddy! Although I don't agree that he is a 'celebrity' just because he featured in "BFGW's", I love him!! Yesterdays episode was great, when him and Kerry twinned up to become 'Perry'. Loved it, so funny!

I was pleased Pamela went last night. I do not dislike her, but I prefer Darryn. I think Darryn is getting a lot of stick in there, and I do genuinely believe he is a good guy - he proved this with his Tinman task.

Absolutely cannot stand Bobby! He is so up his own arse! Was disgusted with the sweat trick he pulled on Darryn, how awful!! Am also starting to really really dislike Tara. I really liked her when she first went in, but now all she seems to do is moan.

Lucien and Kerry are really cool too. And Amy isn't half as annoying as I thought she'd be.

So far, I'm really enjoying the new series. Although I'm not keen on Brian doing the presenting. I love him, I just don't think anyone could live up to Davina. What do you all think?

Tinnedtomato, I'm glad someone agrees! I thought it was just me lol :) xx


Violet is shrinking
I love Darryn, I think he's a nice guy and is genuine, I'd like him or Kerry to win actually, as I think they're the only 2 being real and true to themselves, oh and Paddy. I didn't watch the gypsy thing, but I like him, he's funny and you can tell he's just being real.

I wish Pamela had saved Darryn and not Jedward, I hate them!...I see them winning or Paddy.

I really don't like Lucien, and Bobby I really dislike. I think he was disgusting what he did to Darryn, and yet he goes off on everyone, calling them immature hmmm.. Bobby to GO!!! How big of Darryn to shake that sweat thing off though, not make a big deal, I think I would've gone mad, drinking someones sweat, and it was intentional, I think I would've popped him one lol!

Glad Pamela went though..Bobby to go, or Lucien or Tara :)

Oh yes, I like Brian, but he doesn't seem right.. I think Emma would've been the better choice, is it Emma, the one who does Bit On The Side?
I agree in thinking Jedward will probably win it. I mean, everyone I know hated them on X-factor, and look how far they got with that! They obviously have some fan base who will keep them in. I do find them funny, but I don't want them to win.

I'd like Paddy, Kerry or Darryn to win I think, because like you said, they seem the most 'real'. I also agree with wanting Bobby out, he NEEDS to go!!

Oh yes, I like Emma too! I think she does a great job on 'Bit on the side'. She makes a really great host, she's really funny :) xx
I'm very pleased that Ch 5 has saved BB. I am looking forward to the 'regular' one. I really wanted to like this celeb version but I can't say I am enjoying it. Z list celebs, poor old Kerry trying to recapture her 'jungle' win (seems like years ago now, doesn't it?), bloody Jedward who I fear will probably win, a bewildered Traveller patriarch (how one longs to have him thump Jedward!), and a very Californian new-agey faded onetime Baywatch Babe. The rest are barely worth mentioning.

I loved Jackie Stallone. What a character! A one-off. Jeremy Edwards was disgracefully rude and disrespectful to her. But later she summed him up beautifully - calling him 'the one with the smile':

'He reminds me of a Beverly Hills gigolo. Heaven knows, I've seen enough of those'. OUCH! Inspired.

I feel sorry for Kerry because she has a genuine illness. She is only in it for the money as she freely admits. But it's sad to see her come to this. She had it all going for her and yet again blew it. I'm surprised she hasn't already cracked and gone into a drunken meltdown. This is of course what BB bosses were hoping for. And we'd all watch it, many times over. Makes you feel a bit guilty.

Please people vote Jedward out the first chance you get! Sorry, Jedward fans, but they are so so annoying.
I think Kerry will win - she seems to have a large fan base in the UK.

Jedward have a huge fan base but mostly in Ireland and Europe and with only the UK voting it will be difficult for them to beat Kerry. I feel bad that people hate them so much - they seem so nice! I like them anyway!

Paddy just doesn't belong there - he will crack.

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