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BikerKitty's Journey.....

Well, here i am back on the weight watchers wagon, ive been here about 4 times before, but never had the support of minis and done ww before so i think this will make it much easier.

Went on thursday (11/2/10) and i was actually happy that i hadnt put all my weight back on from the last time i started ww. so i felt like i had already achieved something just for walking through the door when i did instead of waiting for my weight to really ruin things for me.

My Goals are:
  • get my 5%
  • get my 10%
  • Fit into the jeans i bought last week that didnt fit me lol
  • Get into my bike leathers (ive been close before but never actually managed to fasten them!)
  • Become a gold ww member!!!
  • Most important goal: Be Happy Being Me!
Start Weight: 21st 2lbs :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
Goal Weight: 12st 6lbs :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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welcome to the boards bikerkitty :) everyone heres dead nice so i'm sure the extra support will really help you get on :)

good luck with your 5% goal :) xxx
ooh last night i had a bit of a food mission and was just hungry so much so i just ate lots lol. i think i went over my points by about 15! LOL. oopsssssss! but im just going to carry on and write it off as a bad day lol. it was just one of those nights where i wanted to eat everything in sight lol. i will be better today though lol, not a bad kitty haha xxxxxxxxxxxxx
That really is the best thing to do-dont beat yourself up draw a line and move on.
there aint one of us who hasnt done that at least once ( once a week in my case:D)
ive been MIA coz ive had no internet at my house for a bit and ive been really ill. Im all better now though thankfully and went to WW dreading the scales after 2 weeks off the diet from the illness and i am happy i only put 2 pounds on :) so im back to pointing today, even tho its my birthday on tuesday and intend to have a slap up meal that night.

but anyway, im back :) x
I always forget I have this here lol, well ive been exercising like a mad woman lately. I went out for that birthday meal and i ate like a queen lol it was soooo yummy, but then i exercised lots and still managed to lose 1 pound at WI :) (i always read womens institute wen i see WI for weigh in! lol). So that brings my total to 7 pounds lost :) happy kitty!!

I WI on thursdays and i went out for the birthday booze up on friday night, drank loads and ate a kebab knowing that this was my last major splurge off alcohol and food until probably Xmas lol. So ive managed to earn 12.5 bonus points so far this week, and that will be added to by the end of today. I went a bit mad with the wii games with my birthday money and i got wii fit plus, ea active and just dance. Those games are all great for making me feel half dead haha but at least i know ive had a good workout!

Dont know what to have for tea tonight, i have 18 points left lol so i might have sausage and mash :) yummy!
just been on the wii again, on ea active this time and i really should have just had a rest day like it told me too, i feel pooped now, but at least its bedtime so i can go and chill in bed with the tv, a ww bar and a cup of tea! but omg my back hurts from vertical rowing lmao ouch ouch ouch. note to self, dont push myself too hard!


Minimin Addict
Well done on the 7lbs so far, your doing great. Everyone keeps mentioning just dance and its only £15 in asda so i might have to purchase it! I have sports active but can't do it (plus the leg strap don't fit round my thigh :( bummer), i can just manage wii fit!
anything you do nicki is better than nothing though, thats the way i see it. i have a bit of trouble with the leg strap myself but i just about manage, im sure one of these days my leg is going to go blue and drop off lmao!
hello and welcome along, your doing great 7lb down. well done

i've been dieting for 3 months now and my leather jacket which was incredible tight (it was a choice of breath or zip it up and not breath)

well its now a lot easier to put on....... stick at weight watchers it really dooes work i tried it a few yrs ago
I struggle with the EA Active Leg Strap too, but Just Dance is ace fun, love it!

BikerK, you are doing so so well! My motivation is to get a bike when I can get in some leathers.... It will happen one day!!!!! lol!
Thanks everyone for your support :) Today I have had a real emotional rollercoaster day for some reason, i think now in hindsight i was tired, but i went to my mums house, was really grumpy and then sat and cried for 5 mins. The up-side was that I did feel alot better after a 5 min crying fit lol. I really dont know what it was about but apparently I needed one lol. I got home, had tea and then fell asleep from half 6 till half 10, so it was probably tiredness. I do feel a bit better now, still aching from over-exercising. Like my mum said, before last week i hadnt really moved for nearly a year, and then from that to exercising everyday for nearly 2 weeks without a rest day... kinda ouchy lol. I really hadnt been "listening to my body" because when I have tried to exercise before, I use every ache and pain as an excuse to stop, or not to do anything at all. So I've been just ignoring the pain and carrying on. Sometimes thats been good because I needed to move more to stop it hurting, if that makes sense. But 2 days ago my knee gave way, and I still carried on. Stupid Kitty!!! Ive learnt the lesson, I have to have "rest days" so that I dont kill myself and then end up not being able to move for another week. Ok i get it! lol.

*eats a kitkat* nom nom nom
Lol bless you I think it's this dieting thing that does it I haven't cried for years now all I seem to do is blub I think Ww does something to your hormones when ya not looking lol
You do need to rest Hun I've also got knee problems and carried on reguardless now waiting to see consultant moral of story listen to your body and don't push it, in the long run it's not worth it
Just done 50 mins on the wii fit and ea active, nearly killed me the last running part as i put in 100% and nearly died half way round the track! But i feel alot better after having the 'rest day' yesterday, i know its so bad but i really felt guilty about not exercising yesterday... i really dont want to get into that habit as i know i really needed the rest day i had. but anyway, i think i might do the Davina 'Super Fit' in a bit, before i make my tea. I wanted to earn 8 bonus points this week, so far ive earnt 16 lol. WI tomorrow, ive never been so nervous about a WI before, i dunno why i am just so worried that the amount of exercise ive been doing will mean it will appear ive either STS or even put on (!) but in reality i will have lost fat, and i know that, but for some reason the scale is god and must be obeyed lmao. so if it says ive sts or put on i will be a sad bunny (or kitty lol) but i will know in the back of my mind its either muscle, or water or whatever the reason is!! I know it wont say ive put on, but u know it might do!! I hate WW and love it at the same time, its like a love hate relationship haha. right im off to let Davina Mccall kill me and then make tea :) tatty bye!
I woke up this morning and had a few texts that I wasnt too impressed about and I thought, f*** it im staying in bed today.. lol. but i got up, tried to ring my mum to talk to her, she said she was still in bed and she'd ring me back later, rang my best friend to talk, she was driving and would ring me back. ffs i just want someone to talk to!!! Its not anything to do with dieting or anything major, and i feel silly sharing on here haha. But anyway, it got me off to a really bad start to my day. At least Im out of bed, made it across the hallway to the computer and not got dressed or anything yet.

On friday I didnt have any tea because I forgot, and then I drank vodka and diet coke all night and was incredibly drunk haha, but i stayed in my points because of not having my tea lol. In fact I saved 4 lol. Yesterday, it got to about 8pm and i had 7 points left, I raelly wansnt hungry but I wanted an early night so I just had coco pops and loads of milk with them to use my points and still saved 1 point.

I didnt get to exercise yesterday because i was soooooooo hungover lmao, i could hardly move, never mind jump and run about! My arms and legs are still pretty achey from exercising on thursday but i will feel bad if i dont do anything today as well as friday and yesterday. I tried to exercise on friday afternoon but i went really light headed and just was achey so i had to stop after 10 mins.

I have a tooth out on Tuesday and they messed up last time so I have to have it under general anasthetic (however u spell that!), so im concerned it will mess up my weight loss this week. And then on Thursday at 6am I go to Aberdeen to see my friend for 6 days and Im going to try and go walking everyday and eat well. He knows I do WW and hes really supportive so im sure he will do his best to get healthy food in :) That does mean I miss WI this week though, I could go to a meeting in aberdeen but im hoping to get my first stone and 5% so would rather get those at my home meeting lol.

Right off to do exercise then have brekky :) x


Minimin Addict
Hope your feeling better this afternoon! You should share on here everyone has things outside of diets and you never no we might be able to help/comfort/plot revenge. Have a good day chick x
lol nicky plot revenge haha i like the sound of that!!

went on the wii fit and then just dance for 45 mins and then i miss stepped and went over on my weak/sort foot! im not impressed!!!!!! it really hurts, my mum has strapped it up so it feels a bit better but that means i cant really exercise now, i will see how it is tomorrow, at least i managed the 45 mins before i hurt myself so i dont feel too bad. it better be okay tomorrow so i can exercise!!!

*calms self*

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