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BlackRose's Diary.

Ok. Just had my 8th weigh in. Gained 3 lbs. Not even through breaking it or going boogaloo on carbs - just sheer carelessness and perhaps a little hormonal circumstance. I need to remember to eat at least 3 times a day and to get plenty of water into me. This week I'm aiming to lose the 3lbs I gained. Hopefully it should be straightforward.

Today (4/7/11) B = Roast ham (with fat -bleurgh) and some lettuce leaves.
L = Tuna in sunflower oil and a little salad.
Dinner will be beef burgers, salad and mushrooms. (no tomatoes or onions)
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See, last week I used that..not this week though. grrr. Did you mean from what I've written for today that I'm not eating enough?! Cus I'll struggle to get that into me! :(
Weighed myself this morning and the scales showed 12st 10. That would mean I either put on two, rather than 3 lbs, or that I've lost a pound since yesterday. I'm gonna keep y.day's results up though and still not WI until Monday. AFter that I might try not weighing in at all, as my mood and will power have taken such a hit after yesterday, which is just ridiculous. I've been doing so well aside form the scale, and I shouldn't be letting one week's numbers put me off.
I'll see how that works out.

B: Bacon and eggs
L: 2 beef burgers and salad
D: Salmon, with butter and parsley, and cauli and broccoli.

I'm aiming to have:
Only 2 cups of ordinary strength coffee and (definitely NO cream or milk.)
2 litres of water.


This is for life
Must be frustrating! Suggest you stick to the basics and indeed make sure you eat enough. Good luck
Ok... stuck to yesterday's food pla, except I swapped salmon for white fish and skipped the cauliflower. Had a yummy dinner!

B: None ( better watch myself again)
L: Egg salad
D: pork chops and salad.

2 cups of coffee and 2 litres of water.

That's the plan for today. Making me hungry writing this - should have had breakfast. lol
Today's grubbage:

B: 2 boiled eggs, beat up in a cup with butter.
L: chicken salad, mayo
D: Salmon, broccoli, cauli, and butter and parsley on top.

REALLY don't feel like eating today. It's gonna be a tough one. :(
Hi BlackRose, just been reading your diary. How are you doing this week? Which stage of atkins are you in right now by the way? I start the day after tomorrow, second time around for me. Hope you're doing well, keep it up!
Morning Rose, how are you love

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