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Bleeding Gums?

Hi all, just wondered if anyone had experienced bleeding gums whilst on CD?

I've got pretty good teeth and never had problems before but cant remember my CDC mentioning bleeding gums as a side effect. It's only happened the last 3 mornings but this morning was pretty bad!

D x
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Don't know if it is a stated side effect, don't recall it from my sessions with my CDC. But one thing to consider, are you brushing your teeth more to get rid of 'ketosis breath' ?
Hiya, I experienced bleeding gums yesterday, Im on week 2 of ss. Ive not brushed them more than normal either.
Ah I was starting to think I was alone on this one.
I think I will call my CDC this evening and ask.
They aren't just bleeding a little, it's quite alot... eeek
Thats weird, i was going to ask the very same thing! I had that this morning ewww it was horrible! Let us know what your cdc says about it.
Will do hun x


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I've had gums that have been a bit swollen, if not actually bleeding. Let us know if your CDC has any ideas.
Ok just called my CDC and she said it's not something she has heard of as a side effect however it could be that because i am SSing and not chewing. She is calling the company health advisor and will call me back with some info. As soon as she does i will let you all know.


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i think bleeding gums is a side effects simply because the gums can get sore because there is no chewing. from what i remember last time round this did happen to me, but i am fairly sure it eased a bit when the bars were introduced (sorry i can't help officially tho)
Sounds nasty!! I'm only on Day 4 so haven't yet experienced this. But I would recommend Corsodyl to anyone with bleeding gums or any kind of mouthy badness really.. that stuff is immense.


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Yep - on cue mine started bleeding this morning!
I find it madness that there are 6 people on this tread alone that are experiencing this and yet CDC says it's not a side effect?

Oh er!
Very odd indeed!

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