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blown it today :(

I feel so bad i was doing so well all day, meal bar for breakfast, shake for lunch, special k mini breaks (98cals) and spag boll for tea (on a small plate) then i couldn't resist there were left overs.. i started picking & picking :( so i prob went over my 600cals and i feel really bad & bloated!! i still have 2 snacks to use today, shall i punish myself and not have them? :cry: i keep wanting to pick all the time, when it comes to tea i wolf it down, i try to eat slow but i cant lol i dont know what to do anymore, i need a food supressent or something? :break_diet:
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awww bless ya, i dont know what to say this is my 1st day today and i find it so hard not to eat what i want, i have to lose 2st 12lb so i can get in to my wedding dress in july

good luck in what eva you do xx
thx anna :) i need more will power lol, think it might be 'time of the month creeping up' and i just get hungrier lol.

anyways good luck to you to :)


i know what you mean about will power i dont have any my fiance trys to help but it is still hard got though day 1 though x
I find that when I really want to pick at food i am usually thirsty I have a large drink and if that does not work I try to distract myself by finding something (preferably non food related) and do that. I find exercise helps too.


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make up some low fat angel delight (asda and morrisons do some lower fat than the actual brand of angel delight)

or make up some jelly.....

and have that... eat a whole bowl if you need to... will be better than sitting there eating and picking on things that are worse for you...

this is what i do when i know thats what i want to do...
the other night i had 3 weight watchers puddings (a rice one, a mouse one and one of the rich chocolate ones... because i was just in the mood...) i would rather blow my extra cals on something like than than sit there and feel rubbish because ive eaten something worse

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