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Blue Team vs Pink Team

I am proposing that we have a little competition between the Blue Team and the Pink Team to see who can last the longest without cheating. I know there is only 3 or 4 of us in the Blue Team so I think the Pinks should pick a team of 4 and take us on. I propose the following in the Pink Team, Dietkitty, Sweetgirl(Priya), Nyree and should I say it, Calligas.

You see men just are not cheaters so pick your team and lets get going.
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We will see, we will see, nice to see some competition, and Mandy although it pains me to say this in light of the competition, I sincerely hope none of us cheat, good stuff on your attitude,magnificent.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
ohh such competitive streak ;) hehehe my tongue in cheek teams being reborn into a fight to the finish! hehe.. well... bring it boys! Our Team Pink.. The Pink Ladies shall make you grovel in our dust!


Are We There Yet?
Well seen as I am not one of the team, I shall just say good luck to the pinks!

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
You are one of the team xxx same as me... :D I think mister mark suggested names in order to help keep people on the straight and narrow, as they have events or nightouts, holidays and things coming up or just starting.

We shall be the Pink Ladies .. We are Team Pink xx those names were put forward are our fighters hehe.. we shall be like the godmothers (godfathers)

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Its just there's more of us lumpy lovelies than those burly brutes xx
Team Pink embraces and incorporates all of we ladies on the exante forum
Absolutely, Isis you are all Team Pink, being competetive and all I was suuggesting a team of that had let say fallen before so it would get them on the straight and narrow as Short and Delectable had said. But we will take you all on
Right mr mark you have dun it now..lol you have brought out the competitive side of me out lol...i say bring it lol and this time round i will not be the one who cheats will do the pink team proud :D....

(this is actually a really good idea coz now there is some pressure not to let the team down by cheating lol glad you thought of this hun)


Grumpy Old Git
Whats the rules?? Is changing one make of shake or soup to another VCLD make, classed as cheating??
No never, just do not deviate from the diet. Whay would you change from Exante though, or is that you just want other flavours?

And ladies, that is not cheating.
Blimey a challange!! Works as motivation for me - can't be letting you lot down!!

:party0011: Go Team Pink :party0011:


Grumpy Old Git
Just want a few other flavours and want to make this a diet for the long haul.....!!
ohh realii u wana bet?? lol


Are We There Yet?
I totally understand Mark! I just want to be a substitute lol....I will cheer on the wonderful ladies from the sideline :)


Grumpy Old Git
Had to make a new hole in my "Fat Bloke Belt" that I purchased in the USA last year. Trousers kept dropping down as I was walking about......!!

Possible builders crack alert....:massmoon:
muwahahaha we are so gonna beat you guys!

mike not sure if any help BUT i have a few cambridge diet products from when i done that if you could use them. just 2 strawberry shakes and 4 apple and cinnamon porridges. if you feel your needing a bit more variety :) just let me know and i'll forward them on to you x

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