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  1. Hello

    I am on CD end of day 3. All going well. Oriental Chilli flavour soup is DIVINE (or is it just that I am ravenous?)

    I just want some feedback from others about experiencing the body shrinking..I am feeling little twinges on my arms and this the fat burning in process? Or some other reason? It actually feels like a tiny 'shrinkage' when it happens..don't know how else to describe this. Is this normal? Will it continue for the next four weeks while on sole source, i.e. around 550cals/day? Can anyone else describe the physical process so I know what I might expect.

    Water..can someone tell me the science behind 'drink to shrink' ..why drinking 6 litres as opposed to say, 2 litres gets the fat off more swiftly?:confused:

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  3. Cerulean

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    I get what I call 'the wiggles' and I am fairly certain that it's the fat cells doing their thing. I've had it on several other diets as well. Sometimes I don't get them at all for a few weeks - but I usually have them in a big inchloss week. I've mentioned this to other people and some people look at me like I'm mad - so it doesn't effect everyone in this way!

    The higher water intake just makes sure you have adequate kidney function - the more you drink the more easy it is to flush the byproducts of ketosis (all that lovely burned fat) out of your system. I can testify that my slowest losses have been when my water intake has dropped below 4 litres on more than one day. Any my best losses occur when I get close to 5 litres every day (I think I'm too close to my ideal BMI for 6 litres to be realistic any more - but I did it regularly at the beginning!)
  4. Thanks for that info and the 'wiggles' thing, Sarah.Nice to know that it happens to others

    I will try to up my water intake..
  5. Whoops..weight ticker thing does not work...yet


    12stone 5lbs, 5'4.5"
    aiming for 9stone
  6. Mini

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    Welcome and best of luck with your weight loss:)

    Pierce has fixed your weight tracker for you.

    You used to htlm and our forum uses the bb code.

    If you need any help be sure to ask.

    If you encounter any technical problem, post in the Technical Forum and one of the moderators or Admins will see it and hopefully be able to sort you out quickly.

    Love Mini xxx

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