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Boofaloos Diary - Slimming with Slimming world!!!

S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb

So after a rather decadent Christmas, tomorrow is D DAY - CD restart day.

I had managed to maintain my weight that i lost since July - then i let things slide and put on half a stone - then I lost it - then i put it on again and now I aim to lose it plus another 2 stone for good measure. :)

Have had a couple of incidents recently to do with my size/weight and it has really made me think.

The first one was i put on a pair of size 14 trousers that fit me about a month ago - they wouldnt do up. :( I suppose i had been kidding myself up until that point that i hadnt put on weight.
The second was in an equestrian shop today. My friend and I went sales shopping and i wanted some waterproof over trousers for when i'm riding my horse. There were 2 pairs left both Extra Large. My friend tried them on and they were way too big - she was disappointed as she really liked them.
I then tried them on and they fit. :( Size 16 and labelled an XL did not make my day.
I was embarrased so of course made light of it and bought them saying how lucky i was to be fat.
I am so sick of feeling like the 'fat' friend - things have got to change.

I want to be a size 12 - a comfortable 12, not an only just 12 ;)
I want a pair of long boots.

So here we go again - for the last time. CD here I come!!!!
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Queen of the Damned
Sorry about those moments Helen, but just think that's the last time they're gonna happen. You know come tomorrow exactly how quickly those size 14 trousers are gonna fit again, and those other trousers are gonna be too big!! Good luck for your restart honey ;)
Great to see ya mate, have just replied to your PM, there is a valantines challange knocking around, maybe have a look see and a join up??

Im right with ya

Below is something I posted on DQ and Mindless thread, hope it helps x

Its now time to do this for YOU, no one else, just you.

You have to be selfish, you have to think, b*gger it, Im gonna do it.

You have to get your head down and keep going. Batter that chatterbox down, coz dya know what, it aint gonna win, YOU are going to win.

Every step of the way you need to think about YOU.

You arent doing it for him, her, whoever, you are doing this for YOU.

You are doing this to be happier, healthier and to live life to the max.

You are doing this because it will take a few small weeks/months out of your life to make you live the rest of your years being the person who you want to be, the person YOU are inside that needs to get out.

And, dya know what, you can do it, I have great faith in you, but you need to have faith in YOU too.

You wouldnt be on minis today of you thought you couldnt do it, you know you can, and its just finding that inner strength to stand up and shout, YES I can do it, I can do this for ME!

Focus on what you want to be when you reach that goal, get tunnel vision and keep hurtling through it, dont look left or right, as the distraction might be there, keep your eyes on that prize (sorry mike, but its such a great saying!) and dont let anything stand in your way of being YOU.

and, that was me, throughout all my SS journey, keep my head down and do this for me, yep I love DD and DH immensly, but my journey wasnt for them, it was for me, it just made all our lives better for me doing it x
S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
Thanks DQ. Those 14s are now hung on my door as an incentive!!

Vicky - It's nice to be back. :) Thanks for your post - it is so true. It's tunnel vision time for me. No more excuses just head down with my eye firmly fixed on being sexy for summer!!!!
Hi Boofaloo sweetheart,

I think we're all sick of being the fat friend. THE FAT FRIEND who isn't allowed to get down in the dumps about being overweight or not having any clothes to wear, instead we have to put up or "eat less, exercise more".

Grrr..... I'm going off on to a rant and I have no right to, not on your diary.

Good luck honey.

Hi Boofaloo sweetheart,

I think we're all sick of being the fat friend. THE FAT FRIEND who isn't allowed to get down in the dumps about being overweight or not having any clothes to wear, instead we have to put up or "eat less, exercise more".

Grrr..... I'm going off on to a rant and I have no right to, not on your diary.

Good luck honey.

Helen doesnt mind a rant, trust me, I have ranted to helen many a time!!!!!
S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
LOL nope dont mind ranting - think it's because i do enough of it myself!!! SO RANT AWAY!!! :D

Well I am so impressed with myself. DAY 1 and going well!!!

Had a choc mint for brekkie and am just having a chilli soup now.
Water intake slow but i'll get there - think i'll only just manage 3 litres today.
Going to make myself a muffin tonight - with custard!!!!! Hubby and I are watching You, me and Dupree on DVD for our New years celebration!!
Have got myself some fizzy water in and will add some flavourings as a substitute for some champers at midnight!

Feeling good today - really want this feeling to last!!!
Yup, go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year, and enjoy the film!!


Gold Member
S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
WOW. Had a lovely New Year and am still on CD!!!

Feeling ok - very hungry though. Will be glad when ketosis arrives. I am very tearful at the mo because i'm so hungry. How silly!!!! :D

Am fed up with winter now. Went up to do the horse today and it was so windy and rainy and cold!! :( Have decided i need to get a house with some land so it makes things easier!!

Feel like i'm struggling a bit now but going to get in the bath in a minute and try and keep busy.

Happy new year everyone!!
Hi Boofaloo

I know what you mean, I'm feeling hungry too, which is a horrible feeling. I've started back on 1000 cals today, having put a bit back on over Christmas and after eating too much the last few weeks, tummy is feeling very empty this morning LOL.

Just keep busy & your mind on other things, especially how (more) gorgeous you're going to be :)


To celebrate my losses!
Yup, I'm hungry, tired, headachey and very ratty too. Don't ya just love the first few days?!?

Well done on still being on it, you will soon be back in the comfort of ketosis, you'll see and then that is half the battle as you know.


Queen of the Damned
How you doing now Helen? Hope you are feeling a bit better xx
hey hun, hope the bath helped x
Hope you are doing OK, just reading your post here.
I am the same plus add freezing to it!
I walked to work instead of driving and only have a fleece to wear as my boobs have grown in 7 weeks and can't get my coat on!!!

Stick to it, we can do it!!!



Gold Member
S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
Major disaster this morning and I am seriously not happy at all. :(
Went to get a CD pack out of my cupboard only to find the everything swimming in water and the packs all soaking wet.
My dishwasher has leaked and ruined everything in the cupboard that could be ruined. :( :(

I have no money to buy anymore until hubby gets paid again which is the week after next so i am really not a happy bunny today.

Stop reading now if you dont want to hear me rant!!!!

I am so sick of things going t*ts up - I just get myself sorted out and then something comes along to mess things up.
It feels like there is a conspiracy theory out there that doesnt want me to lose weight. There are so many obstacles and stumbling blocks - AAARGH I am feeling very sorry for myself.
I phoned hubby up distraught and slightly annoyed as i am sure it's his fault (has to be - it cant be mine! ;)) and we ended up having a huge row!!

One of my friends was on CD and i know she has a few packs left over so i will phone her in a minute and beg, borrow or steal some off her.


Gold Member
Ah hun thats awful! Are you 100% sure the packs are ruined? I thought they looked pretty damage proof!

Hope you manage to get some off your mate
Oh Helen, what a nightmare. How many packs have been ruined, are any salvagable? Hope you get some more soon.

big ((((hugs))))


Gold Member
S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
I have the fire on and loads of packs on the fire guard drying them out!!

I have salvaged a few and in reality things probably arent that bad - i had a soup for lunch which was a 'damaged' one. The powder was a bit clogged but not too bad and the soup tasted no different.

I have about 5 days worth that i think can be saved.

Ok just counted if i can save the 'wet' packs i have 9 days left.

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