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boostin weight loss


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Mornin everyone

Hope u all had good weekend! Just wee bit of advice, im due to get weighed on Wednesday, i sneaked a peek at my scales this mornin and they say iv stayed the same, wee bit disappointed as i have been good!altho was ill on sat so literally ate nothing, i know i shudnt weigh myself and i should only go by SW scales but i had a moment of weakness, i usually dont scale hop.. so question is there anythin i cud eat to try get a bit of a loss between now and Wednesday?

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Thats great :) need to go shoppn after work so will stock up and eat eat eat!!:)think big salad might be the case for dinner :) xx


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Yep, I have huge salads and while the others have potatoes I make myself a big bowl of coleslaw with cabbage, carrot, onion, apple and celery in and have a small amount of extra light mayo. It fills the plate and helps with the superfree!


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oh that sounds fab! how do u make ur coleslaw?as i luv it!xx


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I just grate carrot and apple, finely chop onion, cabbage and celery and then stir in a tablespoon of mayo. I don't like much mayo so I don't add much of it.
I love it!


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great tip thanks!x


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I know its 'easier said than done', but try not to jump on the scales until your official WI. The body's weight can fluctuate from day to day & you wont get a true reflection of your losses if you WI mid-week. There seems to be a lot of posts of people doing this & you will always get the same advice........dont jump on the scales until WI day. I know its difficult & we would be liars if we said we didn't do it, but you have enough discipline to follow this diet, so try with the scales......throw them away if you cant resist or get your partner to take out the batteries & hide them LOL


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U are totally right kim! I refuse to get on them again until i get weighed on wed night and i am goin to eat lots of speed and superfree foods just to try boost a loss too.. but im not gonna let what they said today put me off i am determined this time :D and i no u r 100% right that ur weight fluctuates, thanks needed someone to tell me not to do it hehe ;-)


Trying - very!
I agree with the others, lots of superspeed food (melon and berries always help boost my weight loss) and drink lots and lots of water.

Also try cutting out any treats you might have. Don't cut out the syns entirely - as you will miss out on essentials - but maybe cut down to 5 a day
I have to weigh at least twice a day tO know I'm heading in the right direction. Naughty I know x
Pineapple, melon, berries & Quorn.
Plus lots of water.
I also tend to avoid bananas & bread (as HEB) on weeks when trying for bigger loss?
Good luck for tomorrow & if your hard work at being good doesn't show this week, it'll probably mean a better loss next Wednesday! :)
thanks everyone :)

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