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Bored and Lonely today :(

I know I could go back round ot my mum's but my idea of hell is sitting with relatives I barely know, making chit chat, while they eat their christmas dinner.

So I saw mum this morning, have tried calling a couple of people (dad is out, best friend is out), and now have the rest of the day with no one around :(

I still won't eat but this is not a good christmas.
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Andy what is stopping you from going over when they have finished their dinner.

Just think, your Mum probably would love you over and the relatives just might have some funny interesting stories that you have never heard before that they tell around Christmas time...:rolleyes:

It could be fun...better than being on your own today.

I am not eating either but this does not stop me from enjoying myself.

If you can't do it for yourself, do it for your Mum:)

Love Mini xxx


Guess who's back...?
Hey Andy - that must be hard... but just try and think about the up sides... you get a day on your own to be totally selfish with the remote control... can go for a nice drive around the place listening to our fave music while the streets are empty... and then go back to your mum's later for a cup of coffee and a bar ;)

It isn't easy... I have come to my sisters and there is food everywhere and I have had a few mini-lapses. I am still planning on NOT having xmas dinner, but to be honest - I would 'rather' be at home alone, no access to food, no shops open, crap tele etc etc... it's always brighter on the other side honey.

Chin up - it's only a day in a calendar with words on...

im at home surrounded by people and food, im finding it really hard because mum is ill and im trying to help her cook its the first time ie HAD to be around food in 4 months and im not sure ill get through the day without having a little bit to eat, but im going to try and be as strong as i can x
Thank you, everyone. *hugs*

Am sorry to hear about other people struggles today and I am grateful that I have the option to remove myself from the temptation. It' might be lonely but it will help me get where I am going.

I would pop round later but when they finish dinner/eating, it'll be 6pm - and aside from the fact I'd still have to be around the food in some fashion, that's when I have to start my Rats' routines (feeding, free ranging, playing, etc). It's not really fair for me to change their routine (it's not usually such a big thing, but I have them spread across 4 cages at the moment, so there is 4 times as much "work" to do). But when it gets to 6pm, I will be too busy to be bored!

Thanks again everyone - hope you all have a great day and hang in there, Anna!
Sending everyone some will power to get through the rest of the day.....its easier for me as I have had surgery and it wont let me eat, I am also working this evening and as I work for the emergency services I imagine I will be so busy I wont have time to think of food. I admire all of you for sticking to your regime at this time of the year so well done all of you and here is to a slimmer summer for everyone....merry christmas...xx
hey, i just wanted to say a big well done to you all! im calorie counting[have stuck to my calories toay] but have done the SS on CD before and know how hard it is jst when my folks have guests over and the biccies are out, cant imagin christmas day on SS.

SOOOOOO A HUGE well done to you all! keep it up
Hugs to you Andy!! It can't have been easy on your own! Bless you and your rats - what lucky little rodents they are to have you as their daddy!! ;-)

You are so lovely that next Xmas is going to be everything you deserve, just you wait and see! I wish I could do it in person, but huge ((((hugs))))!!

A massive well done to you too - what a star!


nearly there!! :)
hey everyone,
andy hope u are ok now and that u got through it, sending hugs and love xxx

anna hope ur doing ok along with everyone else xxx
Thank you, everyone. I'm a fair bit better now. And it's almost the end of the day, with me havign successfully sustained :)

My mum is bringing xmas dinner round for my rats tomorrow (it's their christmas too!) and they may have to fight me for it!

Oh goodness me - it's been such a week - I forgot it was one of my rats birthdays on Tuesday! (Teyla is 2 years old now). Good job she can't read the calender...
Oooh i just noticed you were in newcastle..!!! Im in sunderland.. (ooh the shame).. lol..
Are your rats your companions or do you do shows? or both.. lol.. I miss my little ratty pals so much.. such amazingly natured animals i think.. and SO clever.. used to walk around with them on my shoulders when i was tidying or whatever.. and they used to climb onto my head.. lol.. thanks for the rep btw.. =)

x x
I noticed you were in Sunderland :) I'm not a native myself (I've been here since 1995).

My rats are just my babies - but I do go to any rat shows in the North East (but don't take any of mine along - I just got for the social aspect). There is another one in May if you fancy that :)

You're also welcome to meet mine any time you're over in Newcastle :)
Aaaw bless..!! you're babies.. They totally become your babies, all with seperate personalities.. I had princess peach and mario, both girls though.. but it was funny cos mario was such a guy, doing all the hard work for princess.. moving everything.. bringing her food.. lol.. i think it broke her heart when princess died.. and she didnt last for much longer..
Id love to go to one of the shows, but ill be the size of a house then cos im pregnant.. lol.. but ill deffo look into going to one in the future..

Ive attached a pic of Mario, shes was a beauuuuutiful little girl.. lol.. and i know you have a thread with your babies in so im off to find it.. hehe

x x x


Awww, Mario was a gorgeous black hoody! I have 4 black hoodies, including Teyla. I actually haave 8 rats just now - though 2 are very old and they've amazed me by making it to christmas. 8 is my absolute limit but I'm aiming to get back to 4 in the long term. I do rat sitting and fostering as much as I can, though sometimes the fosters stay!

There will be another show next December, so if you want to then just say so - there are always a lot of lovely folk at the xmas show.

This is Teyla from about a year ago in one of my favourite ever pics :)


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