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Bounce back!?!

Hmmm. So during my 5 days of attack I lost 6 lbs then by the end of the week it was 7lbs. By the 9th day I had gained 3.5 lbs. Why :(. I do admit to having a few vodka and diet cokes on day 6 but food wise I was 100% on it. I cannot believe I would have overdone the calories to gain 3.5lbs. I am 1pm down today but still disappointed that my 7lbs is now 4.5.
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Hi I am new to Dukan but having done Lighter Life and Cambridge I think I can probably explain this. During that first week, attack week, you lose your glycogen stores, hence such a dramatic loss. It does not take much to put this back, hence the reason your vodka and coke will have had the effect it did. I think this could be what caused the problem. I am sure some others will be along soon to voice an opinion too. Just don't let it get you down


Gone a bit quiet
Yes, it is to do with glycogen in your liver. You also have it in your muscles, and if you are on a low cal diet this gets used too, so you can feel a bit weak, but on high protein diets your muscles get it replenished. When in ketosis you use up your fat in the fat cells more easily because you don't have high insulin in your bloodstream because of the low carbs. Insulin blocks the use of fat in your cells for a while, fat will go in but not out until the insulin subsides, so this is a problem if you binge on biscuits! Alcohol and fructose don't raise your insulin levels much, they are processed directly by your liver, which stores them as glycogen. They knock you straight out of ketosis. This is a simplistic summary but I think it's broadly right.

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