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Boys christening present - a bangle/bracelet?

big bear

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We are getting my daughter who will be 6 months old & our son who will be 2.5years old christened on the 1st May.

We want to get them a gift that they can keep. I've still got a bangle that my parents bought me & was thinking of getting them both a bangle.

Would this be ok for our son? Have you any other ideas as to what we could get him?
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I wouldnt buy a boy a bangle, its not something he will have ever worn so wont mean anything to him. Why not get a nice photo album for each of them and fill it with photos of the day? They can look back on it then and see for themselves something that they arent likely to have any memory of.


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There's a company called d for diamond that does loads of jewellery for children. Might be worth looking and maybe getting him a nice necklace or something? X


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I had the same problem for my Godsons christening present. In the end up, I got him a wooden train made from the letters of his name on ebay, cost about £1.20 per letter, and most good toyshops also sell them. And to keep, I also got him a good fountain pen, sheaffer I think. It might seem a little random, but it was something his parents could keep for him. I was also going to get it engraved, but didn't have the time :( Most jewellers do pen sets too, so you can get the ball point and fountain, and they often come in lovely boxes.

Another idea someone gave me was shares. Many companies do them online, and you can even get shares in Disney. Perhaps more of a novelty gift, but still something that can be kept.

For my Christening I got a bangle, egg cup, silver teaspoon and silver napkin ring. No idea where they are now, mum probably still has them!


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what's wrong with a St Cristopher chain? or a crucifix on a chain etc..

obviously he'll need a longer / bigger chain as he gets older if he wants to wear it, but the acutal pendant can go from chain to chain..


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Ah yes, St Christopher. I still have mine, and also my star sign on a chain.
My ex bought his god son a silver tankard with his initials engraved on it :rolleyes:

I've still got the bangle that my gran bought me for my christening. I intend to pass it on to my first daughter on her christening.
I like the idea of a St. Christopher for a boy.

Lucia Lucia

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We had our children christened together too. We bought the girls a crucifix and our son a st christopher.


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I once worked with someone who bought each child a Steiff teddy bear to put away they sell them on QVC and do limited edition ones

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An engraved silver hip-flask - that's what my brother got all those years ago from Mum and Dad xxx


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I got my nephew and god son a st Christopher my dad still wears his from his christening now

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