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Bra size!


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Ok, so everyone says that the first place the weight goes from is the bust but that's not the case here!

I have gone up 2 cup sizes since losing weight. I'd expected them to get smaller but they haven't, I've lost the fat from underneath and off my back but none at all from the girls themselves!

What are your experiences? Did they shrink, stay the same or get bigger?
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Hi Taz, my twins have gone down two sizes, i'm made up coz i'm quite busty so nice to see my feet again lol. xxx Loobylou


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Well I thought I had enough to start with and wasn't too troubled by the thought of them shrinking in proportion but it didn't quite work out that way!


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When i was at my heaviest in 2005 my boobs were a 38 HH and my bra was like a hammock. Now im a 36 FF and theyre much more manageable, so thank goodness - yes, i did lose weight off them! Can't think why you're not... it's strange.
Have you gone down in band size though? As you go down a band size you would normally go up a cup size as it equates to the same size, ie a 36C is the same in terms of bust size as 34D if you see what I mean?!

I was a 40E and now I'm a 34 FF! So the same thing has happened to me, I've still some lbs to go and desperately hoping to drop to an F as FF is quite hard to get hold of and always more expensive.

I've always hated mine since they started growing when I was 10 and would have loved them to drop down to a nice D or even DD but I guess I'm just meant to be curvy!!!!


8 t whole wheel of cheese
Hiya Dawn,

what I reckon has happened with you is that you've lost weight off your back bust not your boobs. When you go down a back size but your boobs remain the same then they go a size up. It fits in your case... 40E - 38EE - 36F - 34FF.

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