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Braxton Hicks.. anyone having any?

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Hi girls, I'm just wondering if any of you have had Braxton Hicks pains/tightenings?

I never had any with Erin - honestly! but think I had one in the park earlier, I was just walking but it stopped me in my tracks!

Hubby tutted at me about my doing some gardening yesterday, but not sure if it was that as I've not had any since and it's not like a general ache from too much exercise if you know what I mean.
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Thanks Shel, I was wondering the same thing.
Maybe it was just stretching etc, but felt different. Hope they don't come too often! lol

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Found the attached on BH:
When do Braxton Hicks Contractions Begin?
Typically, you should start experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions around your 28th week. This being said, early Braxton Hicks contractions can start during the second month in some women. You may find that you don't even feel these contractions the first few times that they happen. If you were pregnant before, you may find that this time around your Braxton Hicks contractions are actually much stronger.
Braxton Hicks contractions really begin to come on in the third trimester. They also tend to get more intense the closer you draw to your due date.


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I had Braxton Hicks Contractions for a few weeks before I went into labour and they were like a mini rehearsal for the real thing.

At the very end it was difficult for me to know if I was going into labour or just more of the same...if I took a warm bath they stopped.

The evening I went into labour they didn't!:rolleyes:

It was only when my waters broke that I knew the difference:eek:

Around two and half hours later my son was born!:)

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lol Mini - I can imagine the realisation your waters going made for you! lol

Shel, I'm doubtful too at 20 weeks (21 tomorrow - seems too early) just thought I'd post the info in case someone else had a query later etc. I'm seeing my MW this wednesday so will ask her. I was walking for a bit before the twinge so it could have just been that. I'm sure it's nothing.

With Erin I never had any BH's at all, I'm pretty sure as went 10 days over and was more than watching for symptoms by then! lol
I woke at 2am after going to sleep at 1am thinking it was BH's tossed and turned for a bit then got up to 'see' if they were close enough together to be the 'real thing'. they certainly were the start of a very very long day! lol


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I had them with my son from about 32 weeks onwards. I remember being on my own in Basingstoke and having an almighty one that stopped me in my tracks and had me bent double. Scared the bejesus out of me!

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Blimey, didn't realise they could be that strong! ((Hugs))
lets hope we don't suffer too many this time eh! lol but then I suppose if our bodies need the practise.. lol
I had them 2 days b4 i had my son in d 1st pregnancy. And prob d day b4 with d 2nd. If it happens again id give ur mw or maternity unit a wee call.

Did u have ur 1st early?

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I went 10 days over with Erin. Will have a chat with MW on Wednesday but haven't had anything more so really could just ahve been a twinge.


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I'm starting to have them alot now, first one started when i was 15 weeks.

Apparently you have them all through pregnancy but the are only noticeable in late pregnancy x

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no more for me thankfully though I do feel a bit 'tighter' when I'm out walking.

Hope yours aren't too painful. All for a good cause, will be interesting to see if I get them later on as didn't with Erin.
never had a contraction, so wouldn't know what they would feel like! hope they won't be too painful or frightening

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((Hugs)) they're mild at first but do increase. I've been reading a book called Hypno Birthing and it explains the muscles around the womb and how they work. Amazing really. Also that we all have become eductated to thing our bodies are broken and need 'help' to give birth, we trust our legs to work, our hearts/lungs etc to work yet distrust our wombs. Also that we go into a state of panic and fear. I am trying to work on fear release and relaxation to get me as far through as possible. I'll be honest I only got panicky with Erin when I had my epidural - it was that I was scared of! lol

Someone also said - and it makes sense, to remember that every contraction is like a 'wave' when it peaks you can follow the 'relax' down again. Also that each one is one closer to baby arriving.
I've got the hypno birthing book but am yet to read it (doh!)
will have a gander at it soon


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oooh I dont want a rehearsal thankyou!!

The real thing is plenty enough for me!

Hope all the pains go ladies, xxxx
I had BH's all the way through both pregancys, and plenty of false alarms in my most recent one.
You can have them quite early, I remeber having them while having my anomaly(sp?) scan.

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I'm only about a 3rd the way through angie - but really is a good read so far. :) I got my mp3's from a site: Shop
She is a hypno birthing practicioner.
I am hoping that it will be a big part of my birthing plan, but if not then at least used to relax me - even if I end up in hospital.

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