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Breaking bad habits and getting to target.


Woman on a mission!
Hello minis!

Back from my holiday, and has a truly fantastic time. Pleased to say also that after a 3 day business trip, and then 10 days all inclusive - the damage is only 1lb on! Very happy with that as I know it will be off in no time and i didnt once feel deprived on hols.

So - now time for a new countdown! I will be buying a 12 week'er in class on Weds, but I like to break into small chunks - the first one being Xmas. So - on to it!!

Monday 29th Nov - Red Day

B - 2 ww bread (HEXB), eggs & mushrooms
L - 4 x Ryvita (HEXB), cottage cheese, cucumber, tomatoes. Mullerlight, melon
S - 42g cheese (HEXA), 2 apples
D - Chicken mixed with peppers, cajun spice, onion passata & mushrooms. Squash wedges.
Sins - ELF mayo - 2, options hot choc - 2
Ex - 60 mins cardio at the gym.
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Woman on a mission!
Good morning!

Pah - didnt make the gym last night, as got stuck at work till 7, but planning on tonight instead (sno pending!!)

Todays menu

Tuesday 30th Nov - Red Day

B - 2 WW bread (HEXB), 2 boiled eggs
L - Home made Roasted BNS & red pepper soup, 4 Ryvita (HEXB), Mullerlight, Melon
S - 2 apples
D - Shepherds pie topped with carrot & swede mash
Sins - Gravy - 2, Oaty Bar 3.5
Hmm, havent done great on the HEX A's have I?! will have a snack of 42g cheddar later, or will pop to shops for XL Laughing cow triangles for my ryvita.

Have a great day xx


Woman on a mission!

First Weigh tonight post holiday. Sts or a small loss (i hope!) is what my sneeky peek at home shows, but we shall see!

Wednesday 1st Dec - Red Day

B - Salmon, Scrambled egg, mushrooms, 1 ww bread (3S)
L - Shepherds pie with carrot & swede topping, mullerlight
S - 2 apples, 1 Hifi Bar (Hexb)
D - prawns, 35g Pasta (HEXB), onions, chilli, peppers, spinach, creme fraiche (2.5s), 1 LF garlic Bread (2.5s) side salad, 28G cheese (Hexa)
Sins total 8


Woman on a mission!
Morning All!

Well, I am delighted! I went to WI last night - first one after holidays, and i lost 1lb, and got my 2 stone award. So thrilled!!

I am soooo chuffed as I have finally proved to myself that I am in control - and well, losing after an all inc holiday shows me that I CAN control what I eat and no excuse for not sticking to the plan!

So - onwards and upwards and the goal is firmly in sight.

Thursday 2nd December - Green Day

B - 2 weetabix (HEXB), Skimmed Milk (HEXA), banana
L - Home made veg soup, 4 Ryvita (HEXB), cottage cheese. Melon & mullerlight
S - 2 apples
D - Quorn Sausages, Mash with XL cheese triangles (HEXA), onion gravy - 2
Sins - Gravy - 2, options hot choc - 2 alpen light - 3 = 7

Have a great day in the snow xx


Woman on a mission!
Friday 3rd Dec - Green Day

B - Omelette (85g bacon (HEXB), tomato, onion, spinach, mushroom, 42g cheddar (HEXA)
S - Mullerlight. Apple
L - Pasta, mushrooms, quorn, onion, garlic, Nat yog, 28g Parmesan (HEXA). Melon, Banana
D - Quorn chunks, noodles, stir fry veg, soy, ginger & garlic
Sins - options hot choc - 2, dash of milk - 1, XL cheese triangle - 1, slice lf garlic bread - 2.5 =6.5
HEXB - Fibre+ bar.

Have a good weekend x


Woman on a mission!
Hello Weekend - oh how i have missed you..!

Planned a quiet, on-track weekend, so hopefully closer to my first mini goal this week.

Menu for today:

Saturday 4th Dec - Extra Easy

B - omelette, (eggs, spinach, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, onions, 42g cheddar (HEXA) )
L - 2 ww bread (hexB), thai mini fillets, salad, 2 XL cheese triangles - 2, Sw wedges.
D - Moroccan meatballs, cous cous, roasted veg (aubergine, courgette, squash, pepper)
Sins - 2 red wine - 12, chz triangles - 2 = 14

Off to gym today, need to do some training for my half marathon in March and its too slippy to run outside. Will also have a swim and relax in the sauna and steam. lovely.

Enjoy your weekends x


Woman on a mission!
Boo - the weekend is almost over! Monday is looming..
Went to the gym yest and did some running in a bid to train for the 1/2 marathon in March. Ran 4.5 miles and as i havent done it for a while god I am in pain today!! Anyway, todays diary:

Sunday 5th Dec - Extra Easy Day
B - 4 ww Br (HEXB & 6sins), Bacon, chicken, 42G cheddar (HEXA).
S - mince pie! 8
D - Steak, sweet potato wedges, mushrooms, onions, mushy peas
Sins - mince pie - 8, options hot choc - 2, alpen light - 3, 2 ww br - 6 = 19


Woman on a mission!
Monday 6th Dec - M2M

B - 28g oats (HEXB), Skimmed milk (HEXA), banana
L - Pasta n sauce, Apple, 42g cheddar (HEXA), melon
D - Chicken wrapped in bacon with XL cheese triangle x 2 (2S), 198g pots (HEXB), cabbage & Green beans
Sins - 2 cheese triangles - 2, options hot choc - 2 = 4

Tuesday 7th Dec - Extra Easy

Bit vague on todays diary, as I am flying off for a few days with work, and so leaving at lunch. Will pick options as best as I can - but here is what i have had so far:

B - 2 poached eggs, bacon, beans, mushrooms
S - 2 Alpen light (HEXB), apple (for the journey!)
D - ??!


Woman on a mission!

so here i am in the snow in Luxembourg! Its quite pretty - but gosh, feeeezing!

No update to yesterdays diary in the end. the Alpen lights and apple were all i ate after my breakfast. what with the travelling, I just didnt fancy anything. Naughty i know - as we arent meant to miss meals...

Today breakfast in the hotel, and no idea what I am going to eat later? So will call it an extra easy day and we can see from there, I can amend if i need depending on what food bits i come across for meals.

Wed 8th December - Extra Easy
B - 1 brown bread (HEXB), fruit Salad. slice cheese - 3
Snacks - banana, apple
L -
D -
Sins - small slice of cheese - 3 (?)


Woman on a mission!

I am having a right old disaster! My flight home last night got cancelled due to snow, so I am currently stuck! Already missed last nights WI - so planned to go to a thursday class - which i am now going to miss too! GRR to snow!

Going to stick to plan as best as I can do - breakfast was a white roll (all that was left) with ham and cheese and a 0% fat yogurt. No idea on the sins yet, but given limited choice - I dont mind using a couple.

Please think good thoughts that I can get home later!! :help2:

Nattymo x


Woman on a mission!
Monday 13th Dec - Green Day

B - Mullerlight, 1 x Alpen light (.5 HEXB)
L - Pasta, passata, onion, side salad, 1 x alpen light (.5 HEXB)
D - Pasta, 85g Bacon (HEXB), Mushrooms, spinach, 28g parmesan (HEXA), 2 x LF garlic Br - 5s. spoon on ww creme fraiche - 1
Snack - apple
Sins - 5 on garlic bread, creme fraiche - 1, =5.


Woman on a mission!
Hi Janey

I did indeed get home - thank god, but missed the class, so looking forward to tomorrow and what the scales say!

Tuesday 14th Dec - Extra Easy

B - 2 poached eggs, bacon, tomato & mushrooms
L - BNS soup, 2 ww bread (HEXB), mullerlight
Snack - 42g cheddar (HEXA), apple
D - Lamb steak, cous cous, roasted veg (BNS, courgette, aubergine, onion, pepper)
Sins - dash milk for coffee - 1, Keeping low!
Gym tonight, 1 hour interval training

Have a good day xx


Woman on a mission!
10 days till Christmas!!!

Very Exciting, i hope I have been a good girl this year and santa comes!! :)

Wednesday 15th Dec - Green day
B - 1 WW bread (.5 HEXB), beans, mushrooms, 2 poached eggs
L - Veggie soup, 2 Ryvita (.5 HEXB), Mullerlight
D - Quorn burger, Wedges brown, 57g Brown roll (HEXB), 42g cheese (HEXA) LF coleslaw - 3s
Sins - Coleslaw - 3, ketchup - 2


Woman on a mission!
Wooooo Hoooooo! Lost 1.5 last night which I am v.happy with - almost at mini goal 1, which i hope to surpass next week.

Gym tonight, more cardio and running training for me.

Thursday 16th Dec - Green Day
B - 2 weetabix (HEXB), 350ml Skimmed milk (HEXA), Banana
L - JP, beans, mullerlight, apple
Snack - Fibre + bar (HEXB), pear
D - Havent yet decided? Either quorn beef strips, noodles & veg, or pasta, quorn chunks, veggies and HEXA of cheese? What shall i opt for?!
Sins - Alpen light bar - 3. Will aim to use at least 2-3 more.

Have a good day - 9 sleeps till xmas xx


Woman on a mission!
Good afternoon

I am not actually sure what day I am on today, as out for a work meal tonight. Breakfast and lunch have been green, but not sure what the dinner will be - so I might M2M if needed?

Here is my menu so far:

Friday 17th Dec - M2M

B - Scrambled egg, baked beans, 1 ww br - will syn it as might need to save the Hex! 3S
L - noodles, veg stir fry, 2 alpen light (HEXB)
D - ???
Have 1 HEXA and 1 HEXB left for the day and 12 syns. I will try my best to stick to plan, but prepared to flexi it if needs.

enjoy the eve xx


Woman on a mission!
Wow- its snowy hey!

Last nights work meal was nice, and not too syn-ful i dont think, so that is good! I will estimate 30 i think for food and drink, which still leaves me with a good amount for the week.

Todys diary -
Saturday 18th Dec - Extra Easy
B - 2 ww br (hexb), bacon, 42g cheddar (HEXA), onion and tomato. scrape of butter - 2.5s (was the best toastie!!)
L - pasta n sauce, mushrooms, spinach
D - chicken curry (a new recipe i found on here, that I am looking forward to trying), boiled rice. mini naan - 6S
sins - butter, naan - 8.5

have a great weekend x


Woman on a mission!
well, the snow has hit Milton Keynes, so i dont think I will be leaving home until Christmas!! lol! Luckily we are well stocked up on food stuffs - and all SW friendly. yay.

Sunday 19th Dec - Extra Easy
B - 2 ww br (HEXB), bacon, tomatoes, onion, 42g cheddar (HEXA), scrape butter - 2 (the same brekkie as yest, it was gooood!!)
L- Noodles, quorn chunks, stir fry veg sweet chilli sauce - 2
D - Chicken, potatoes, Green beans and mushrooms
S - sauce - 2, butter - 2. Skimmed milk for hot drinks - 2, options hot choc - 2 = 8

My boiler has broke, so lots of hot drinks for me to keep warm :23:

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