breast feeding woo


Hi every one, im due to get my starter pack today and have to contact my support person tonight, im hoping to then start on Monday, ive had 6 beautiful babies in the last 8 years and after my last baby finally being a girl ive decided its time i get my body back and loose the copious amount of weight ive put on whilst carrying 6 babies, anyway, my little girl is almost 7 months and up until 3weeks ago when i knew i wanted to do howards way she was fully breast fed, ive weaned her now and she has 3 cups of juice a day and 4 meals, i probably wouldnt of weaned her yet as she and i were happy just breast feeding, but ive been with my husband 10 years in may and want to slightly resemble the person he met for then. My baby is doing very well but im struggling at night, she likes to breast feed as the last feed of the night and wakes at 4am for another feed, ive been told its not safe to bf whilst in ketosis and dont want to put her at risk, does any1 know if it is safe or not before i start on Monday, id appreciate any info any1 may have, many thanx x