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Bren's Diary


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Started lipotrim TFR on Saturday 31st July, so I am just coming to the end of day 5. I've found it fine so far - dare I say 'easy'? No headaches, hunger pangs, cravings to speak of... I am in ketosis (checked with 'ketostix'!) and feeling full of energy. I've had the odd naughty-food thought today, but it is TOTM and I recognise that they are mental cravings, not physical cravings - so could squash them quickly.

I had a sneaky weigh-in tonight and the scales tell me I've lost 8.2lbs already - delighted! Plenty more to go, but a good, positive start. I figure that after this first week (where I hoped to lose about 9lbs) I'd lose an average of 3lbs per week, so hope to reach goal in 17 weeks, which is the end of November. My OH's birthday is 10 days later, so I hope to have started refeeding (I am going to do a very long refeed to really try and get my eating under control) but would love to be able to cook and actually eat a meal with him.

My initial thoughts on refeeding (even at this early stage!) are that I will eat 2 shakes and 1 low carb meal each day for 2 weeks. Then I will eat a low carb breakfast (scrambled egg and ham or salmon), shake for lunch, and low carb evening meal. That plan should take me through Christmas, allowing me to eat a little but still keeping the 'diet' frame of mind so I don't go mad. I would quite like to stick with a lunctime shake indefinitely as I really struggle with eating something suitable at lunch, and would be quite happy to do the monthly visits to the pharmacy for weigh-ins and discussion of maintenance. I guess I'm jumping ahead somewhat, but feeling really positive about the whole thing. I could actually be thin this Christmas!

I plan to look back at this diary during any weak moments to strengthen my resolve - fingers crossed!
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Had a really tough day yesterday (D6) - TOTM I think was the major factor; I was cold, shaky, lightheaded, snuffly, headachey and miserable. All I wanted to do was go back to bed and eat something - anything - but ideally a massive bar of chocolate! I abstained though, pushed on through with lots of hot water and then I had a hot chocolate shake and felt much better.

Today was a really easy day, and I'm really looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow morning!


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Weigh in today and I've lost 10lbs in my first week - delighted! The inches are already starting to go, but I've thinking about starting some daily sit-ups to try and tighten up my tummy quicker and also give my back some more support.
well done lincsbren thats a great loss and a real good kick start. i never thought about actually measuring myself so im gonna do it tonight when i get home so thanks for the tip x x x


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Thank you both, I'm really pleased!

Yesterday - day 8 - was tough. Despite the weigh in, which I had hoped would really motivate me, I didn't feel great all day. I felt hungry all morning (I just kept drinking water) and in the afternoon I felt really lethargic, cold and hungry. Again, I just plugged away with my shakes and water and wasn't feeling too bad. Then me and OH had to go and run an event, which involved a long journey setting off before my 3rd shake (so I took it with me). When we got to the venue and OH was setting up the equipment, I felt clammy and dizzy, so had my 3rd shake. Even after that I didn't feel right, and made the decision to have some chicken when the buffet was put out later.

THANKFULLY I was saved from myself - the only buffet in the world without chicken! All they had was sanwiches, sausage rolls, quiche and crisps - well, I may have been prepared to 'cheat' if it was protein only, but no way was I going to knock myself out of ketosis! So, I survived the night, no cheating, but that was the most hungry and weak-willed I've felt so far.

On a more positive note, today has been a super easy day. I went to a BBQ tonight, and had again already decided (several days ago) that I was going to have a chicken leg or 2 along side my shake. Well, I just didn't want it - don't get me wrong, I was having fairly pitiful thoughts over the fresh, crusty white bread and fluffy vegetable cous cous and new potatoes with butter melting over them.... (all carbs, of course!) but the things I was going to allow myself didn't tickle my fancy at all, so I have remained 100% TFR. 9 days completed now - into double figures tomorrow!
yay you well done for not giving in to temptation. im really glad you managed to avoid the food because even just chicken will always leave you wanting more.
keep it up x x x
Congratulations Bren, you're doing SO well.

I'm impressed you managed to resist temptation and stayed strong, just remember the more we resist, the quicker we'll acheive our individual end goals!


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Thank you both, I was really pleased I managed to resist! It was worth it this morning to hop on the scales and see the numbers at 199.6lbs - exactly 12lbs lost and below that magic 200lbs finally! Only another 4lbs to go to be in the 13-stones :D
Yesterday was a good day. I didn't feel hungry at all - in fact, I had to remind myself to have the 3rd shake! However, I don't think I had enough water by far, especially as I had quite an active day. That was confirmed this morning when I woke up and my mouth felt like cardboard and my tongue was yellow... :sign0137:

So I've started today (D11) with 500mls of water (sipping as I'm typing this) and then will have my shake, some more water, and head to work. I can't quite believe I'm nearly at the end of my 2nd week! It's actually flying by. As I have (had!) 57lbs to lose, I was hoping to manage it in 19 weeks which is an average of 3lbs a week. Well, I've already lost 12lbs and am hoping very much to have made that magic 1 stone marker by the end of this week. That'll mean 43lbs to go, which again on 3lbs a week means just over 14 weeks to go! Seems unbelievable that I could be slim by the middle of November!
Sounds excellent! Great work glad to here its flying for you
Thank you! This forum is very supportive and inspiring, I love it!
I know I shouldn't really be weighing myself daily, but at the moment the numbers are going down so fast it's exciting to see (and very motivating!) This morning I am 198.0lbs - 14st 2lbs, which means I've lost 13.6lbs - SO close to a stone!
Oh, also, I am feeling quite relaxed about my 'official' weigh in - last week I know I'd lost 10lbs, but when I got to the pharmacy I'd already had a drink, was desperate for the loo, and of course was dressed (funnily enough!) and so they said I'd lost 7lbs. This week it looks as though my scales will say I've lost around 4-5lbs, but the pharmacy scales may say more (I'll pee in advance :D ) but my at home, in the morning, before getting dressed or having a drink but after peeing is surely more accurate (plus I like that they're digital to the nearest 0.1 lb)
Super hon when is y our weigh in?? At the beginning I think its really hard not to weigh yourself a million times a day! Woke up this morning with a swollen stomach it's out so far I had to wear my softest trousers!! grrrrrrr so I left weigh in till tonight cause I feel so heavy - peppermint tea by the gallon me thinks! It helps if you wear the same thing every time you have a weigh in so your not in 2lbs of jeans or something
My official weigh in with the pharmacy is a Saturday, but I'll be going on Friday this week. I'm going to carry on paying most attention to my home scales as I think that's a more accurate reading - I am usually dressed in heavy horsey clothes when I go to pharmacy - they must think I'm lovely! Good luck with your weigh in tonight!
Thanks doll, ended up working late so still haven't gotten to weigh in - may not be a bad thing feeling slightly less bloated today thankfully. Yeah you know yourself which is the more accurate weigh-in as you go along, mostly by how you feel.
A stone! A stone! A stone!! :D

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