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Bring it on.....


Padlocking the cookie jar
Hi all,
well I've been on minimins for a few weeks now and have finally plucked up the courage to start a diary thread.....big gulp.....i hope I don't bore you guys to death....if I do please feel free to ignore me!

Anyway, firstly can I say thanks for all the support out there it has made a huge difference!

A bit about me....

I struggled with my weight in a big way in my early teens, but got myself together at about 17. I got a job at a sport centre and kept really fit and remained a size 10/12 up until a about 5 years ago when I was expecting my son. I had real trouble with my back and pelvis and was on crutches for a lot of the pregnancy. I couldn't do any excercise and put on a huge amount of weight. My little baba is now 4 but I still cannot shift the weight....and boy have I tried...virtually every diet under the sun and to no avail! I still have back and pelvis probs so can't get as active as I would wish but hay-ho I arrived at the vlcd.

I started with a couple of weeks on lipotrim but the pharmacist was really unsupportive and the price diff/variety pushed me to exante and I'm glad I made the switch. I've lost a stone in the first 4 weeks and that in spite of a few slip ups!!
I've now jumped back head long onto the waggoner and am determined to destroy the excess flab!! :whip:
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Padlocking the cookie jar
I really have to get down to some work....I am sat here on minimins trying to avoid the massive pile of stuff I have to get through today ughhhhhhhhhhh.....at least if I get down to it I will be too busy to think about f**d.
Hope everyone has a great day and will be honking away this eve!


Padlocking the cookie jar
Thanks guys!

Well I managed to stay off the site for all of about 5hours (I think that must be something of a record for me!). However i don't seem to have got much done:(.

I have seriously upped my water intake in the last couple of days (spread throughout the day) and I seem to be using the loo about every 5 mins its crazy! TMI - Sorry

I was wanting to know if anyone has any thoughts/tips on avoiding saggyness (spelling?!). I am starting to worry that if I carry on the weightloss at this rate Im gonna have a couple of major issues upstairs (if you know what I mean)and also around the tum area. I may post up as a seperate thread aswell to throw the question open.:hmm:



Padlocking the cookie jar
Hey all and happy sunday....I can't actually believe it is Sunday again - time is doing crazy stuff at the moment.

Well I'm now back down to 89kg (14 stone) where I was when I fell of the waggon for 3days last week. This is a bit of a mile stone for me as it is the lowest I have been in the past 4 years (I managed to get to this point on Atkins once but couldn't push it down any further). So anything below this is really exciting for me and will be getting me closer to my pre-preggo weight.

Bring it on.....


Padlocking the cookie jar
Not too bad, trying to hang on in.

Just cooked dinner for the rest of the family, I think that the worst bit.
We tend to sit down for dinner together and there they are with this lovely spread and there I am with my totally insipid looking Thai chicken soup!!

Hokum it is all worth it....or hopefully will be :)
Great start and it WILL be worth it

Well done



Padlocking the cookie jar
P.S. Does anyone know when us junior members become fully fledged enough to be able to thank people etc..?
Everyone has been really kind and supportive and I feel really rude not thanking properly!!!!
Anyway till that time


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