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Broxi's 2 week trial on JUDDD

DD1 11st 8lb
CD bar
CD shake
CD porridge
under 500 cals
coped fine

DD2 11st 10lb
chicken drumstick
6 tiger prawns
stirfry veg
CD porridge
skinny latte
roughly 500 cals
coped fine

DD3 11st 11lb
CD shake
CD bar
green salad
small slice roast beef
6 king prawns
stirfry veg
roughly 500 cals
hungry but looking forward to eating tomorrow.
looks like I will lose weight tomorrow as 3lb lighter tonight than this morning!
hope I lose weight on this diet as I could do this indefinitely I think. It is hard on dd but very doable cos I know it's only for 1 day!
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Good morning Broxi - hope that you are well this morning ? your DDs sound very tempting... are you weighing the morning after your DD or the morning after your UP ?

That could account for why you appear to be putting on weight - I am going to try and not weigh myself every DD just once a week, but can I manage that ? LOL

Have a great day today



I Will Do It :)
I think its really hard when you start a new diet and you feel you have to weigh yourself to see if its working!! And if after a few days you arent losing or you have put on slightly you lose heart a bit!!
But the key is to be strong try just weigh once a week and if you cant stay off the scales then allow yourself to give your body time to get used to the new diet!!

Sorry for babbling on lol!

C xx
Going well Broxi! Yes try just to weigh once a week, I know the temptation of them scales can be too much lol! Even I have been tempted by them since starting juddd, but keeping it to once a week. Yes I totally agree, think this plan is one I can stick to too!
Hiya hon

I read your other post about your UD. Dont worry about it. WE have all been there. At least you realised you did it and you werent hungry etc. You know why.

Just carry on. You can do it love. You are doing brill!!

How's it going today Broxi?
DD5 11st 8lb
1 CD shake 140 cals
1 CD bar 170 cals
green salad 100 cals
skinny latte 49
(under 500 cals)
Ate far too much yesterday but have done well today.
Can't wait for tomorrow but going to eat in moderation.
Weight might start to come off soon as I've recovered from initial surge.
Great dd Broxi, keep it up, sure you'll soon get into the swing of it :D
DD6 11st 9lb
Breakfast - CD bar 170 cals
Lunch - green salad 150 cals
Dinner - clear soup 80 cals
skinny latte - 49 cals
cereal bar - 100
oat cake 100
Total = 650 - too far but will stick to CD on dd in future as too much licence! Will just go easy tomorrow on my ud. I was in Portugal for my hols and loved the salt cod so Portuguese cook at work brought me somein and told me how to cook it and it is soaking right now for tomorrow's dinner so not fattening but delicious!


Silver Member
Morning broxi

Thought i would just pop in and ask how you did yesterday ?
Its my first DD today so just reading through all the diary's here to see how you all did.

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