Brrr (O/T)


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Our boiler is broken!! No hot water and no central heating. I am a)freezing and b)cross. It started going a bit dodgy a week or so ago but it was fixed with a 'turn it off and back on' jobbie. I said to boyf it needed a service and a professional look at. Yes he said, but we haven't got much money at the mo. Better to get it looked at now than when it actually breaks, says I. What happens? Nowt. Now what's happened? Broken. Grr! More expense!

I am quite glad I'm going away this weekend now! LOL!
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Oh god! Mine went about this time last year and OMG its not nice!

I ended up getting new one...£1500 later :x tut!

Hpe nothing too bad and a tap and new part will be as gd as new


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Oh yes... ours went before m 40th birthday... so guess what I go for my birthday you can't guess.....

Yes a darn boiler... 2 1/2 thousand later!! Would have prefered a diamond... ahh well that can't keep me warm can it!! Or could it haha