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Hon I will buddy with you.

I restarted today at 13st 2lb - I'm aiming for 9 eventually, but for now my minigoal is to get as close to the under 12's by xmas / new years.

Not sure if it will be possible... thats 17lbs in 4 weeks!!
I'd kill to get to 11st 10lb by xmas, but 20lb in 4 weeks might be too ambitious.

But hon, anything is better than how things feel now right!
I will certainly join you on the 30mins of walking 5days a week - me and my dog need it.
hey i would like a buddy too want stone off by xmas, but i just ate tonight god dam it, but i have been walking every eve so hope to god that helps good luck girls
Kitty hows it going?


I had a good day - 3packs, lots of water. Roll on day 2 for me.
Hi, I would love some buddies, I'm 14st7 I want to lose 5 stone (or maybe a little more)

I haven't been on CD long, only a few weeks, I had to stop for a week - but I my doctor says I can now start back on monday (the week off wasn't my choice, I suffered really bad constipation, - I don't think it was CD - 2 weeks before I started I felt really down & i lost my appetite and I hardly eat or drank, so I hadn't been to the toilet properly before I started CD.

So with the diet I've been eating this week!!! and all the prune juice - I bet I will be back to 14st7 or even more.

I hope to lose the 5 stone+ by the summer (or hopefully before)
Hi Girls.

I did okies last night - i had 2 glasses of red but that is fairly good for me cause its normally 2 bottles!!

Im was 220lbs and 1 would love to loose 20 lbs before xmas - this is my first week so i hope to do well for my first weigh in :)

Whats everyone now and what do you want to get to

i'm 15.10 and would like to get to 12 st
hi guys i am 11st 7 now and just want to get into the 10's by xmas so ten pounds would be amazing but out tonight and tom and ate las night so totally buggered this weekend up, its so so hard
day 2 for me - did my 30min walk yesterday with my dog :)

Feeling good.
I'd love some buddies too, :girlpower:was doing fantastic on CD SS till night before last and crashed and burned. :raincloud: I know that you guys all understand more than my friends do how rubbish it is when you fall off the wagon.
So I'm determined to get back on it today and am working tonight so don't have the option of going to bed at 7 and calling it a day. :nightf:
Was 13 stone 4 on 9th nov, had got down to 12 stone 5 on mon 24th so was doing great. After eating yesterday and day before am 12 stone 8. :booboo:
My short goal is 11st 10 by xmas so am spending the morning convincing myself that this is still achievable.
My long term goal is 10 stone 10 by march 23rd my 44th birthday.
Am usually really upbeat and motivated and thats why I can't believe that I've let work stress and tiredness beat me. gonna get back on track and do this thing. any buddies out there to chat to on the way would be great
skinny, are ya going somewhere nice tonight and tomorrow, does your social life calm down then, if so maybe you should restart after tomorrow night, would that help do ya think?
I had a few weeks before I started when i had so much on I'd do a day of SS then go out for a meal the next day and I never gave myself to get into ketosis, so it was a constant struggle. Has been better the last couple of weeks
kitty, are you doing SS, whats with the wine girl. You can definitely do 20lbs for xmas if you stick to it
You don't have to tell me that its the sticking to it thats the problem but together we can do it
I have to restart on monday, although I feel much better I have a few more days on a very high fibre diet & loads of water (so I will be putting on pounds by the minute!!!!!)

I can't wait till Monday though. I miss my shakes


I will get into that wedding dress!
Can i join your buddie groups to girlies?
Hi Emmie , of course you can, a girl can never have too many buddies. I was looking out for you after seeing you on the shrinking violets thread, I was hoping to join them too but had just crashed and burned. Having a better day today, however am working tonight so haven't ventured downstairs yet, just fiddling with the laptop and drinking water.


I will get into that wedding dress!
Hey Jayne!

ive joined fat fighters hehe!!
how are you getting on today? i always seemt o really struggle with the water!! although today have found it easier since ive started putting it into 500ml bottles i also have to have teh orange flavouring i HATE water!!!
decided i'm going to put my new mini goals here as they won't yet fit in my signature

mini goals (fell off so restarting). wordy but say what i'm thinking, lots of them as I'm a bit out of control right now and need a rigid plan

1) get to 9am on 29th after night shift on SS
2) get to 9am on 1st after a weekend away having stuck to SS
3) get to 9am on 2nd after working long day 1st on SS
4) have a hideous day on 2nd, risk of triggers for bingeing so need to survive the events of the day and weigh in 1830 on ss and intend to be 12 st 3 or less
5) am working away on 3rd and theres free lunch etc, need to get to 9am 4th having stuck to SS
6) working long days 5th & 6th and will wake up 7th on ss
7) working away on 8th and am in london with colleague who is a CD non believer. Must survive this so that can wake up feeling virtuous and skinny on 9th
8) weigh in 3pm 9th & intend to be 3lb off xmas goal ie 12 st 9) working away again on 9th and there will undoubtedly be lunch, intend to survive on SS and wake up 11th feeling good
10) another day away on 11th and a very intense one, stick to SS and wake up on 12th feeling proud of myself
11) have 2 days off and will complete xmas shopping, have it wrapped and labelled, xmas cards done and posted and food list for xmas written
12) will get weighed on 15th and intend to have reached xmas goal of losing 20lbs and weighing 11 stone 12
13) 16th evening will do next lot of goals and hope to have enough signature space to put them in and consider how to improve work life balance.


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