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Bumblebums Last Chance Saloon Diary!

Morning all!

Was keeping a food diary but, after boring my OH to death with all my dieting moans last night, decided maybe an actual weight loss/food diary thingummy may be in order!

I feel like I've been dieting all my life. In actual fact I've been either:

*Thinking about dieting
* Depressed because I've fallen off my diet
* Kidding myself I don't need to diet.

I know I can't go on this way. Its a whole lifestyle change I need and thats what I'm aiming for. I joined a SW group last Thursday. I love the idea of free foods - it really does encourage me to eat better.

Sooo...this IS last chance saloon for me. Its got to be done. I'm nearly 37 and I can't run up the stairs. My joints ache. My back aches. I have no energy. I HATE looking for the large sizes in the shops.

So...new diary....new me.....

Feel free to ignore me if I'm whingeing....I'll only be letting off steam!

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Thanks sallyannetag!

Well todays menu is:

B: Omelette
L: Mugshot and an apple
D: Probably noodle stir fry with thai sweet chilli sauce

Snacks : Fruit, yoghurts

Weigh in on Thursday and not looking forward to it. Feeling bit bloated (TMI!) and don't feel I've lost anything at all. But I will NOT have a sod it moment. I am forcing myself out swimming tonight!
Maccasmum - welcome to last chance saloon - am sure we'll do it this time :D

Silly Sausage - yes, have changed my WI day as class is on a Thursday :(

Well, been hell of a day. Stuff going on at work and then the car played up this afternoon! Meant I had to walk to collect sproglet from school but at least its exercise!

Still feeling like I've not lost anything this week but will find out tomorrow at WI.

Anyhoo...todays menu isn't exciting at all as been so busy today not had chance to eat!:(

B: Nothing:(
L: Mugshot and packet of french fried
D: Spag bol made with quorn mince

Anyhoo...todays menu isn't exciting at all as been so busy today not had chance to eat!:(

B: Nothing:(
L: Mugshot and packet of french fried
D: Spag bol made with quorn mince


I would be ravenous if that's all I had to eat :eek: Understand when your busy it's hard to find time to eat properly but I get so bad tempered if I don't eat ....... in fact I get bad tempered about pretty much anything LOL


Keep on Truckin'
Hello :)

Not been around for a while so having a sneaky peeky at some diaries to see whos who and whats what.... and if I ever discover whys why then I'll be sure to share it with you all :p :D

I'm far from being an expert at this but it would seem to me that you're not eating enough. Strange as it may seem eating more may help you. I know it's sometimes hard to either have the time or enthusiasm to prepare stuff, maybe it would help if batch cooked at the weekend so you had things to grab, defrost and zap in the microwave?

Good luck with it all anyway! :)
Good afternoon!

Yes, Ozziemoz and Maccasmum, I realise it wsn't a lot yesterday. If its any consolation I had a HUGE plate of spag bol:D Yesterday just seemed to fly by with lots of stuff going on so eating seemed to take a back seat.:(

Sillysausage - yes I should keep fruit on me...yesterday I just couldn't seem to find my feet all day...just one of those days I suppose. WI tonight....bit excited....hoping for 2lbs!

Anyway, today is better....WI tonight (eek!) so will have dinner afterwards.:D

Todays Menu:

Breakfast: 2 egg omelette
Lunch: Salad (boiled eggs, sweetcorn, beetroot, tomatos, onion), wholemeal roll with some wafer thin chicken, apple and yoghurt
Dinner: Chicken noodle stirfry with veg

Snacks: Yoghurt, banana

Its the lunches I struggle with. Must ry getting up 15 minutes earlier to try and get something nutritious done:D

Well done Maccasmum!:bliss:

Feeling pretty good today. Going for an alcohol free weekend if I can :eek:. Used most of my syns last week on alcohol which is not good and, quite frankly I think I'd rather use them on chocolate and things like condiments etc (missing my cranberry sauce!!:D)

Am eating better today. Another Green day as thats what i seem to do best with.

B: Yoghurt, banana, coffee
L: mugshot, apple, ryvitas (HEXB)and cottage cheese
Dinner: Jacket. cheese (HEA), bacon (HEXB) and baked beans

Snacks: Fruit, supernoodles, yoghurt
Drinks: Coffee (milk HEXA), water, no sugar ice cream soda

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Saturday, Saturday......always a difficult day for me. Been pretty good so far today. Couldn't resist the lure of the woman offering samples of Lindt chocolate in Asda earlier though :D and my Mum treated me to a bar of thier crunchy caramel with strict instructions I'm only allowed a square every now and then!!:D

So....todays menu goes a bit like this:

B: 2 egg omelette and an apple
L: Homemade pumpkin soup (approx 2 syns) wholemeal bread (HEXB)
D: Jacket potato, cheese (HEXA), roast vegetables and grilled chicken (HEXB)

Snacks: Fruit and supernoodles, choccie :D(5 syns)

Am also trying to force myself out of the door in half hour to go swimming!!:D

Thank you silly sausage :D

Oh and...ahem....yes, I am still here instead of swimming......:eek:. In my defence I have just been for a long walk to the shops and back...and only bought potato's and cabbage!!!:D
I know what you mean , I shared a bottle of wine with my friend which I enjoyed (especially the company) but I did think about what I could be having instead......in my case cheese and crisps.........mmm cheese
Oh don't get me started on cheese Maccasmum! :eatdrink012:I love the stuff. The boys had pizzas for lunch today and I, rather grumpily, had sweet chilli chicken noodles. I'd kill for pizza:D Must look up a low syn version. Luckily I love veggie pizzas, very rarely have one with meat on so at least I wouldn't use loads of syns on toppings.

Anyway....Sunday already and the day is flying by. We are all off out for a little bike ride in a minute...OH is just dusting the cobwebs off my bike for me!:) So that will be my exercise for today. Food wise, not doing too bad.

Menu today: Green day

Breakfast: 2 egg omelette and baked beans

Lunch: Sweet chilli chicken noodles (3.5 syns) and a wholemeal roll (HEXB)

Tea: Wholemeal roll (HEXB), salad, cheese (HEXA), banana

Snacks: fruit, yoghurts, possibly supernoodles

Mission for this week guys! Up my fruit and veg intake!!!! I sometimes put it on the menu then don't eat it, especially fruit.


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