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Bump club chat thread! All welcome!

Does anyone else fancy a bump club chat thread, to chat about everything and nothing, pg/weight related or not??? ATM there seem to be conversations going on in each diary but it makes for piecemeal conversations so perhaps a central chat thread would be nice?
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yay for the chat thread...

anyone suffering with ibs type symptoms?
i am doubled up with cramps about 4 hours after eating... i am thinking of cutting down portion sizes and carbs and maybe eating less and more often. it is soooo painful :(

apart from that been quite lucky, b00bs a little sore but nowt else.

anyone else in the early stages?



wannabe yummy mummy
Ooh that sounds awful :( I suffered really badly with constipation and trapped wind during the 1st tri but didn't have anything like that.
I suffered those symptoms particularly if I ate beans or anything with lots of veg, ie if I put onions, peppers, mushrooms through pasta. Was just a case of trial and error for me, but I ended up cutting out most of the veg and don't eat beans now because I know what they do to me. Would love a baked potato with beans and cheese though lol.


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hi guys. fab idea :)

i have been wanting of all things ryvita lately :S good job since it's slimming world friendly unlike all the other things i've wanted in the past few months, ha.

your symptoms sound awful honey. i'm happy to say that so far (touch wood) i haven't had tummy troubles. lots of other things, but not that.

abz xx
Hi girls!

I keep on getting tummy aches too. Not as bad as in the first trimester, but still... Last week I got it really bad though, woke up in the middle of the night and thought I was in labour!

I am SO hungry these days! I keep eating and eating! Ended up getting DH to pop a pizza in the oven last night and wolfed my half down in record time - and this was after a big plate of kedgeree for dinner! Sitting here now mentally raiding the fridge/cupboards for something nice and savoury. Although I am not really hungry today, just NEED to eat in that way that is only possible when you are pregnant.

I am still craving - now watching Embarrasing Bodies in the hope that all those manky toenail and worse will put me off food! :rolleyes:

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hi everyone ,
great idea for a chat thread , can feel a bit isolated sometimes with no one to chew the fat with :D
just wondered about what a couple of you put about doing slimming world , im really worried about balooning and im a regimented kinda gal :0) .. no rules ... uhohhh !!!! so im looking for something safe to keep me on track through pregnancy. id appreciate any advise as i was about the size of a house carrying my daughter and dont want to repeat that mistake , especially as i was 4 stone lighter falling pregnant this time .
Hi there!

I am only following SW very loosely! There is lots on info on it in the SW forum on here if you want to find out more. I try to mainly eat unprocessed, lean/low fat food and lots of fruit and veg, although I do allow myself a few more treats! I am not fussed about gaining a bit of weight as I put on 3 1/2 stone last pg but lost it easily enough afterwards, but it would be nice to not put on too much either. I get so hungry when I am pg though, just need to eat all the time!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
thanks so much , ill check out the forum xx
i too am following sw principles loosely... but allowing a few treats!
the weekly weigh in and session is good too, nice to share new food ideas and recipes with fellow sw dieters.
i have vowed to get weighed every week right up until i give birth just to keep a bit of focus as i too need some rules or i will just go awol and balloon.
have cut out veg and feeling alot better, gutted though cos i love veg and they are fat free :( so far so good.
i had mw appt yesterday and she spoke about a static weight gain which means you stay the same throughout so loosing slowly while baby is growing, fingers crossed that is poss for me!

I am 27wks pregnant, with baby 4.

I have gained 1st 1lb so far so not too bad. I am hoping for no more than 2st total gain as this is the amount I gained with baby 3 and had lost every single pound by my 6wk check:D

With baby 1 I gained 4st and lost 2st, retained 2st. With baby 2 I gained 3.5st lost 2st, retained 1.5st.....I never lost this weight and those 2 are ages 9&7 now!!!

After this baby is born I am planning on finally tackling that 3.5st that I have been carrying around for years. I think I am going to do Slimming world after the baby is here. I a trying to follow it loosely atm but really struggling as I am hungry all the time and craving junk food (as I always do when pregnant:rolleyes:)

Anyway sorry for mega post:eek:

Mel x
My biggest problem with following SW when pg is that I get a real craving for pasties and sweet bread. Croissants, hotcross buns, cinnamon swirls...all go down so well with a cup of tea! But I am trying to resist them. Did a very bad job with that yesterday though, as I made bread with the kids and we had homemade soup (butternut squash, sweet potato and carrot, so SW friendly) and it was too hard to resist eating a bit too much bread with it! And it was still very yummy at breakfast time today! :break_diet:

Anyway, tried to make up for it by having salmon, potatoes with skins on and steamed carrots for dinner - skipped the sauce. :innocent0002:

Have been busy in the garden all day, lots of building work, sanding, cleaning and painting. Getting it all ready for spring to kick in for real! Just need sunshine now!


wannabe yummy mummy
Sunshine would be lovely- think we're forecast more snow this week! :bundledup: We've been talking about going away in August but I don't think we could get a passport for baba in that time so it'll probably be next summer now. Please let us have a nice summer this year!


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torrential rain all day today so i've gotten more than a little wet...

it was my second week of slimming world this week. just got back from group and lost 3lbs this week :D WOOHOO. after my half a lb loss of last week i really didn't know what to expect. that's the hardest part at the mo is that usually if you strictly follow a diet you know you can expect a loss but you can't when preggers as your body does strange things... but i have plenty of extra flab going so hopefully i can lose a bit more before bump is here :)

abz xx


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thanks guys :)

i honestly don't know where it's coming from emma. but i'm not that fussed on food at all at the mo. and i think that's where it's coming from, ha. plus, even though i've been doing it a fortnight i've been keeping it really simple. so when i do cook something new it's just that. in the past i've gone mad with experimenting and then got bored really quickly. am hoping i can make this last all the way to the baby coming... wish me luck!!

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