Busy Mums Food Diary - 4 stone+ to lose

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by MrsFraser12, 17 February 2014.

  1. MrsFraser12

    MrsFraser12 Member

    Hi everyone :) I'm a busy mum of 4 (including 10 month old twins) looking to lose 4 and a half stone doing slimming world. Have recently lost 8lbs (actually 1stone and 14.5 inches since last October in total) by myself but need more of a structured plan. Here goes! Will update throughout the day :) Day 1. Extra Easy. 14st 10lbs. Breakfast: banana, orange, banana custard muller light (1 syn I believe?)

    Had to go out for lunch so stuck to 15 syns :)
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  2. MrsFraser12

    MrsFraser12 Member

    Last nights dinner went to pot as hadn't planned properly but got today all planned out so let's do this :)

    Day 1 (again lol) extra easy B: coffee, milk (250ml semi skimmed milk = hex a) sweetener. Banana, apple, orange. Egg fried in frylight, beans, bacon with fat removed. 1 syn of ketchup.
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  3. tamkat

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    wow you really are a busy mum with 10 month old twins! just wanted to say hi & goodluck im doing sw from home & have 3 kids my youngest is 8 months x

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