Busy's WW diary Thread


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Well as you probably know from previous posts, i have today joined WW and have to say that day 1 has been great.

Breakfast - WW banofee bar
Lunch - 2 turkey rashers on granary bread with mayo and lettuce.
Dinner - WW lasagne and salad, WW cheesecake to follow.

Snacks. Banana. i slice of granary toast with marmite. 2 rich tea biscuits. 1 packet of WW strawberry sweets.

Had a very good day but feel soooo stuffed and bloated, still all in all a good day ithink and quite healthy.

Love Busy XX

Oh yes start weight :- 12 st 13.5 lbs
Well Day 2 today and am very excited about it. Now i have told most people i have finished with CD and they have been so supportive i am feeling much better about my decision.
Am going to make a butternut squash soup today out of the cook book, i bought it yesterday cos i thought it would keep me busy cooking up yummy things to eat. Shall let you know how the soup turns out.

Oh yes stepped on the scales this morning ( I know i know i shouldn't but i just needed to know if i had gained anything, i am so paranoid,lol) Anyway pleased to say i have gone down 3 lbs, is this possible? Not sure if i will be able to stay with this loss but we shall wait and see. The way i figure is that surely i shall gain now i have started eating again, what do you think?

Love to you all, have a good day.

Busy XX
Haven't posted on this thread for a while, i have been posting my days menus on the menu thread. All in all its been a very good week for me, i have pointed every day and not gone over once. I have been to the gym and managed a whole hour.

Now i realise going straight from CD to ww i am going to probably gain for the first couple of weeks just until my body is settled but i am trying not to think about it too much. Weigh in tomorrow morning so just hope its not too bad. I haven't told the WW leader that i was doing cd so i think she may expect my to lose alot so maybe i shall have to let her know, not sure why i didn't tell her and just hoping that she will be ok about it. Do you think its quite common for people to go over to WW?

Oh just wanted to say that although the scales may not say a loss today i am wearing size 14 New Look jeans that i bought about 4 weeks ago and i haven't been able to fit into so i must have shrunk abit. Not bad for someone that was a size 28 in April of this year. Stlll can't quite believe it!!!!!

Lots of love BusyXX
Size 14 jeans from size 28?! That's incredible!! You literally are half the size you were! It's amazing! Well done you must be so proud! :D

I think you should mention to your WW leader that you did CD. Not least so she can see how well you've done, and now how much incredible will power you have! I'm sure she will understand, and has probably had members who have been on that before.

I'm so impressed! Completely in awe of what you've achieved so far! You are definately extremely motivating! :D
Well its arrived, weigh in today, go to club at 9.30 so will post on here as soon as i get back. Ooooooooo really nervous.

love busy XX