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Cruise PP Butt kicking please.

So I haven't been great the past two days (milky way and birthday cake) and I need to get on the waggon. So two days of pp maybe three.

Plans are
B= dukan porridge with sweetener and nutmeg.
L= 2 boiled eggs and 200g of total 0% with sf jelly powder.
D = salmon fillet parcel and baked egg custard.

Lots of water and chicken slivers for a snack.


B= dukan porridge
L= cooked chicken breast , milky jelly (sf jelly made,with yoghurt) and water.
D viatnamese shaking beef

Snacks 2 boiled eggs and yogurt.

How does it look?
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Not enough protein! - you need a protien rich breakfast and lunch to stop yourself reaching for the cake or chocolate.

How about an omelette or srambled eggs for breakfast?

Adding cottage cheese or prawns to your lunch?


** Chief WITCH **
It's ME she wants, I'll bet ;)

Sooooo what happened? Did you gain much weight?
Put on 2lbs then after pp day lost 3lbs so all good.

You can both give me a kick should I need it in future.

I resisted all the temptations of the faculty bring and share lunch so am saintly today!
I'm in the butt kicking gang this week as well! Got a little tipsy (to say the least) on Saturday night, vodka and diet cokes...oh my, I was sooo ill on Sunday, and to soak up the alcohol i pinched some of my OH chinese :( Decided on a few PP days, yesterday and today and will get back to PV tomorrow. Havent gained, but havent lost so am back on the staright and narrow! I blame family get togethers ;-) Hope you're behaving this week STMC haha xxx
I am doing my very best to behave. I know that it is quite ssimple really, if I follow the plan to the letter I will lose weight. Just not so easy in practice and that is how I got fat in the first place!


** Chief WITCH **
STMCalee - The trouble with this diet is that, unlike diets like SW and WW, a lapse not only brings you out of ketosis and makes you hungry and more likely to relapse over and again... but it also helps create resistance, in that weight loss on this diet is never QUITE as good as the first couple of times we do it.

Don't waste your chance!
Just popping in to release some pent up aggression and boot some butts......

C'mon line up all you naughty girls

There, thats better!

In all seriousness I hope you are all doing ok and managing to stick to plan this week x

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