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Caledonian Dukan

DH and I are on Cruise and whilst it isn't a competition it can be a bit disheartening that he is losing much quicker than I am, however I don't look on Dukan as a diet - more a way to change my eating habits long term to be healthier. We both love the oatbran aspect of the diet - DH has oatbran pancake with a wee bit of sugar-free maple syrup for breakfast every day and I generally have oatbran porridge (made with water) with vanilla or cinnamon. Yum.
I am hoping that this diary will help me when I am feeling tired and unmotivated - I AM losing and I AM doing well and I WILL get there in the end!
Today's PP menu:
B - Oatbran porridge with a tsp of flaxseeds
S - Diet Fizz
L - Mackerel with chilli powder
D - Egg white omelette, cold beef
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** Chief WITCH **
Hello there, and welcome,

I'll have to query that tsp flaxseeds... cos I don't think they're ok (unless yet another modification?)

Also, what is "Diet Fizz"?

I would also be so bold as to suggest that you aren't eating enough protein given your current weight. Surprisingly, this is one diet where one does lose better when eating plenty (of the right things). Are you hungry at all?
Hi, yes the flaxseed is a modification as I don't add wheatgerm ever - it's good fibre but I only have 1tsp which is approx 1.5g of carbs. Sounds good to me. Also, what my menu doesn't say is the amounts - I have plenty (loads!) each meal to make sure I'm getting enough protein and to fill me up. Oh, diet Fizz is just a can of something fizzy, might be coke, irn bru, dr.pepper or fanta.


** Chief WITCH **
I believe, but don't have time right now to check this, that it's the FAT content of flaxseed rather than the carb that's in question... to be confirmed by someone else perhaps cos I'm off in a mo.

Diet drinks must be less than 1 calorie per glass.

Good re portions!

While you're losing, don't worry unduly about the above. If you stall, look more closely perhaps.
Going swimming after work today and walking to and fro from work (total an hour). Need to definitely exercise more as I'm feeling lethargic (TOTM). Last week I went decaff, hasn't yet helped my insomnia though! This week I am going to make a point of going to the gym or swim every day and hope this helps me sleep. I'll see how it goes. Today's PV menu:
Breakfast - Oatbran porridge made with water (no flaxseeds any more!) drink of water
Snack - Decaff Tea, pint of water
Lunch - Tomato Egg White Omelette, pint of water
Snack - Decaff coffee, pint of water, tin of tuna
Dinner - Steak, grilled mushrooms, grilled tomato, spinach. Pint of water
Insomnia still bad, however gym this morning and an hour swimming later might help tonight. Very tired, wish today was a PV day! Today's menu:
Breakfast- oatbran pancake with cinnamon
Snack - Turkey slices
Lunch - Tuna with hard boiled egg whites
Snack- Mackerel with chilli flakes
Dinner - Mustardseed encrusted pork chop
Am going to drink as much water as possible, don't think I was having enough last week. Blood pressure check later, hope it's gone down.


** Chief WITCH **
Do you suffer from high blood pressure as a rule CD?
Blood pressure was checked a month ago during a routine appointment and was high for the first time in my life, very concerning and I think my body is finally telling me it needs to lose the weight! Thankfully BP check today appreciably lower, have to have it checked in a month then every 6 months. Am so glad I found the Dukan Diet as my whole lifestyle is now much healthier - if only I could sort my insomnia I'd be grand! Have swum a mile today, burnt 500 cal in the gym and walked 2miles so hope I'll sleep tonight. Maybe I should try a cup of warm skimmed milk before bed, or some chamomile tea...any ideas from anyone else would be great.


** Chief WITCH **
I don't sleep much any more, and ketosis can affect sleep patterns for some, it's true. How many hours do you actually sleep? I find now that I'm slimmer that I need far less sleep and actually function better on less.

I wouldn't go the "warmed skimmed milk" route before bed, as we're only allowed 1/4L per day as "milk" and so you'd be limiting your choices during the day...

Do you drink coffee? coke etc? watch TV in bed? worry about work or other things?

I shall look forward to hearing whether your BP goes down with the diet :D
For the past couple of weeks, I'm averaging 3-3.5hrs a night, and feel very tired - just can not get to sleep. No TV, no coffee, no coke, no major reasons for stress, tried warm baths, reading, going to bed later/earlier but don't sleep until 3am. Ho hum.
No children today, and as a mum of four this happens rarely!! Walk to work, gym,swim and sauna after and walk home. That will be 2.5-3hours of exercise today so am going to make sure I eat plenty and drink loads. Pretty tired, although got 4 hours sleep last night (woop,woop!). Today's PV menu:
B - FF vanilla yoghurt with oatbran,
S - Tuna wrapped in lettuce leaves
L - Salmon and salad
S - Cold Beef
D - Thai green turkey curry with cauliflower, pepper, spinach.
Todays PP menu:
B - FF mullerlight with oatbran
S - mackerel with chilli flakes
L - Cold beef, 2 hard boiled eggs
S - Tuna
Just going to the gym and a long walk after. Am motivated by the thought of being able to go clothes shopping and buy what I want, long way to go but I'll get there. Husband has now lost two stone, which is fantastic - the change in energy in him is wonderful to see.


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Fab news about your DH! You are doing brilliantly, too!

You are feeling energetic today - hope you enjoy your gym/long walk combo.

How is the insomnia? I used to have it to some extent - Paul McKenna's 'sleep' book reallly helped me (when I actually did as I was told!). So did seeing a hypnotherapist (insomnia is that first thing they tackle because sleeping right is the key to lots of things). I would recommnd both - maybe try the book & CD first (much cheaper!).

How do you make your porridge? When I make normal oat porridge I use 1 part oats to 2 parts water but with the oatbran I presume you need more water?
Hi Zeke, I put 2tbsps of oatbran in half a bowl of water then cook on high in microwave till I can see it boiling. Then leave for a couple of min to thicken. If I've misjudged I just zap it for a bit longer and it thickens some more - not very accurate I'm afraid but quick! Oh, I also add some vanilla extract or some cinnamon or ginger so it's not too bland. Much creamier done with skimmed milk but sometimes I want to save that for later so have water. I'll give Mckenna a go, thanks for the advice - I'm at my wits end and starting to disturb DH's sleep which isn't fair.

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Back on the Dukan wagon!
Well done on your weight loss and hubby too!
It must be so much easier when you can both eat the same things, my hubby doesn't need to lose weight so I have to adapt things.
It is nice that DH and I can support each other as we become healthier - I'm so glad he's shed so much as it was all around his heart. However, cooking other food for four kids isn't easy - especially when I cook them pizza which is one of my downfalls. Have found a recipe for Dukan friendly pizza on an American website which I will have to try. Was naughty without realising this morning - in fact I had thought I'd discovered something fantastic. I had some light coconut milk in the cupboard, checked the carbohydrate content and realised it was much lower than skimmed milk. So I made delicious coconut milk oatbran porridge. It was really yummy. Then, after rechecking the label found out it is much higher fat than skimmed milk. Oh well, you live and learn.


Gone a bit quiet
I did something similar with a curry, it is annoying. And last week I bought Total ordinary Greek yog, not 0%. didn't realise till it was almost finished.
Im also following DD with hubbie which does make life easier, I also have to cook for son but only being a week i'm still on a high :)
I cooked smoked paprika chicken last night and he had the same but made him spicy couscous to have with it.
Do spend more time prepping and planning foods but the results are worth it.... Plus have far more energy and drive yo go it.
Have loved reading your diary, good luck xx

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Today, I nearly gave in and went to Tescos purely to buy pizza, wine, chocolate and banoffee pie. I got as far as the front door then decided that if I had lost even a little weight I wouldn't. So I got undressed, stood on the scales and am finallly 1/4 lb down on what I have been stuck at for a while. Only 1/4lb (which is probably just water loss) but it motivated me enough to not go to the supermarket!!! I really struggle at the weekends and food is my comfort and weekend evenings is when I want it the most. Very proud of myself but feeling grumpy. Oh, and I left the nice food I'd bought to make thai green chicken with spinach in the fridge at work so can't get it till Monday and all shops here are shut on Sundays. Okay, moan over.

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Back on the Dukan wagon!
When you said you'd got as far as the front door and then undressed, I thought you meant Tesco's front door!!! :eek: :banana dancer:

Well done on resisting - it will be worth it! :D

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