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calling all target members advise on when to stop!


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Hello target members

I thought you would be the best people to ask about when to set your PAT and what weight to set it.

I think I am about 4- 6 lbs off where I want to be but I am not sure what it will actually look like - some family and friends have said i am looking good now but not to do any more as i will look to gaunt - charming!!!
however I take their advice on board as I know I see myself differently to others - i am a good stone off of the lowest possible weight for my height and have no intention of going anywhere near this - i am more concerned about how to maintain and to be realistic about it - so all advice from those who have already achieved their PAt would be great.


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This is a really good question and one I would love to see advice on as well.
Personally, I think a lot depends on your age. I am in my 40's and think that if I was in my 20's I would probably have set my target a fair bit lower than I did. I am 5'4" & target was 10.7lbs. I manage quite easily to swing around this weight, increasing if I fall too low, & reigning in if I find I am going over. I dont, & have never, gone to class, I am so very lucky enough to find I am able to do it by myself. Personally I think that an older woman needs a bit more meat on the bones, so yes, whilst I could be thinner than I am, & still be within my BMI, I am happy at the weight & size (12) I am, & so is DH! I guess what I am trying to say, is that if you are truly happy at the weight you are, then stay at it & be happy! x
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personally i think you ought to start asking yourself if you like the way you LOOK now.. because 4lbs, although brings you new numbers, you will look more or less the same (or so i find myself) so dont expect magic things in 4lbs time, i personally found that my body was a different shape to when i first hit target over a year ago, to what it is now..despite the fact my weight was stable more or less the entire time my body re-juggled my weight as it were, and my stomach and colar bone area was deffinatly slimmer, but my thighs were maybe a bit fuller than i had felt they were to begin with.. so its about giving yourself that time to ajust. Its taken me a really long time, but i can see that although you weight loss is fabtabulous :D i was quite big, and so to ajust from a size 18-20, to a size 10.. was a major mental ajustment for me.

its about feeling comfortable with yourself, and hon.. if you dont think youl be this weight again, your wrong! lol, thats what the 3lbs up and down leway is for.. you have your target weight, but maintaining isnt about seeing the same numbers on the scale each week, its about finding your balance, gaining a lb or so here when youv had a good time, getting it back off.. or a few when you know you have an event coming up.. im consistantly 3lbs below or 3lbs above!! so think about how you are now.. because otherwise you might find yourself expecting massive changes to you in 4lbs time, or getting too uptight abought relaxing when you get to target (trust me, iv been both!)

thats my only advise really. Target and maintainence is such a personal indvidual thing that i think is very different for everyone. Esp as everyone holds thier weight differently, eats and uses the plans to suit they'r own lifestyle and mostly, persieves thier body differently also.



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are YOU happy with how YOU look/feel? that is all that matters at the end of the day. 4lb isn't going to look much different then you do now in all probability.

Also - remember that BMI is a guideline only - every body is different and the numbers are going to mean different things to different people - after all - no-one is actually average.

Go for your target, call target and assess from there as to wether to go further or not. Maintainance is an altogether different thing - everyone has to find what works for them in order to maintain.


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S: 11st0lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st3lb(11.04%)
I realise that 4lb won't make too much difference to the overall look of me but i have to say the first half stone made no difference at all, no-one noticed and my clothes were barely looser - but the second half stone made significant changes and everyone is noticing. I don't really like the lime light so now might be a good time to stop!
Also thanks for the "age" comment i think that is absolutely right too, i do feel i would rather have a little more meat on my bones than i perhaps would have 10 years ago.
I do feel good, i feel proud of myself for making these changes but nervous about keeping it up!

o.k thank you all for some really good advise, i will have a good think and a talk to my consultant on tuesday evening too help me make up my mind.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
yes but that second half a stone, meant you had lost an entire stone! by which time everyone should damn well be noticing :D lol

its all so very personal to you, id go for your 4lb if thats what you want, and see how you go :) x


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S: 11st0lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st3lb(11.04%)
Thanks Fern! It was really good of you to take the time to read and reply, i appreciate all the support given on this thread.
I can't believe I am so nervous of setting a target!
My new mantra is....
If it doesn't work I can always change it!

F4ye :thankyou:
S: 9st11lb C: 8st9lb G: 8st9lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st2lb(11.68%)
If you set target now you can have 3lb gain or loss & still be within target. Ask yourself if you gained 3lb now would you still be happy with yourself?

I wanted to be below 9st so I set my target at 8st 9lbs, two reasons, 1 I knew I could do it as I'd been below that weight in the past (& not just in my 20's) and 2nd if I gained 3lb I would still be under 9st:D

I'm happy with my weight now & find it easy to maintain.

For me setting target was easy as I'd only started to gain weight the past few years & I only wanted to get to how I used to be.

If you feel good & are happy with what you see, set target if not just see how you feel say when you've lost 2lbs, then 2lbs again, take it slowly.:D

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