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Calories today


Got up this morning and had cereal bar then been out for dinner which was 2 slices of roast beef and 1 yorkshire pudding with 2 boiled potato and 2 roast potato with carrots, cabbage, peas and gravy.

I have looked online and it says near to 700 calories for this???

After dinner i then had a choc fudge waffle cone ice cream...

Do we think i cant eat anything else today???
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Hi Vickydink,

I think you should have something, especially if your hungry, I had a three course meal at a wedding yesterday and after that I had a roll and sausage and a bit of cake...i'm dreading my weigh in tomoz.

We all deserve a treat, and a slice of toast or something wouldnt be that bad!!

Good luck


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You've had a sensible meal... it'd be a bad move to penalise yourself for that. If you don't eat anything more today, you'll likely wake up fit to demolish your entire cal allowance in one sitting.

If you're hungry, have a light healthy meal. Stick to the good habits of sensible regular eating.


I am quite looking forward to strawberries after i have done some exercise :) If i can burn off 300 cals then have some strawberries i dont think i will have gone over todays allowance?
The thing to remember is that whilst we are losing weight, we are also living a life. So you had a little indulgence, but it will not make you put on weight. Enjoying a social dinner is far better for your health than worrying about those few extra calories. I have read some of your posts and I know how determined you are to get to your goal. You have done very well so far, you know you can do it. I think for mental health you should have a good dinner tonight, lots of vegetables and some lean meat, you can easily have a full tummy on 200 calories tonight and your body will feel much better for it rather than starving all evening.


Just had a muller light yoghurt and strawberries and it has satisfied me, worrying alot about my hair though now still :(


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If you're worrying about the hair, try upping your intake of healthy fats. It can be easy to let your fat intake drop too low, and your body really does need good fats to keep you in tip top condition - if you're too low in them your skin and hair will suffer especially.

Oily fish, nuts, avocado, rapeseed oil... make sure you're getting a portion a day at least.


Ok almonds??? a handful maybe a day? i like almonds. Going to try get in GP today

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