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Cambridge/Atkins alternation?

Hi guys, just wondered if anyone had ever tried/heard of/thought of alternating a VLCD like cambridge and atkins.

From the limited knowledge I have I think both run off the idea of losing weight through ketosis (with atkins weight loss slightly slower due to not being a VLCD at the same time?)

I just wonderd if altnerating between the 2 every x amount of weeks was dangerous/a bad idea. I can cope with SS but I think it would be so much easier and more enjoyable if you had a stint on atkins to look forward to every so often?

Just looking for ideas/knowledgable peoples thoughts on the matter :)
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Ermm sorry to be a kill joy but no,cd is cd atkins is atkins,ive often thought about it,but they work completely differently,(although they both refer to ketosis)you would also find it really hard to go back to cd if you had a week off doing atkins.
Its really tempting I know hun but it would be best to get the atkins completely out of your head.
Why dont you do ss+ where you can have a small meal,it does help.
Good luck,by the way youre doing really well


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I have combined CD and Atkins, but only on occasion (away for weekends etc...) I would eat steak, eggs and veg, that kind of thing....I did manage to lose weight on the weeks I did this, but only teeny tiny amounts....so eventually I figured whats the point in doing a 'meal replacement' diet and still eating food? Might as well throw my money down the drain....also, once you taste 'real' food again, it difficult to get back totally 100%....So, in my opinion, I would say you should do one or the other.

Just my two bobs worth.

Good luck with whatever you decide,

Cat Bee x
I have to admit I do this occasionally. One if Im out for a meal with friends, eg Nandos. I have also done it when the tetras gave me horrid runs and I felt faint and exhausted or when I think Im guna go off the rails TOTM, Ill have a nibble on some chicken. Personally, I have the willpower to not eat carbs and fall off the wagon. I stick to mainly ss+ type of foods and it has never effected my weight loss. But thats me. I feel exactly like you, I some times need a change and I also feel if I didnt do this once in a blue moon, I would have fallen off the wagon by now as I have 9 stone more to lose. And considering this is my 8th week and I near 3 stone down, I KNOW In doing great!
Best of luck xxxx

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