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Cambridge diet buddy

Hi. I am searching for a Cambridge diet buddy !! I will be starting tommorow and would love some support from other dieters! I tried the sole source diet last month and lasted 10 days :cry:then seriously fell off the wagon !! Second time lucky !!! I am a thirty something habitual dieter with about 20lbs to lose !!!
Love to hear from anyone, so we can keep each other on track !!!
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Hey Rew

I started on Friday so we can support each other. I struggled today which is strange as I was fine over the weekend. Just willing for bed time so I can wake up tomorrow and hopefully feel better. Plus side is I weighed myself today and am down 9lbs.

Holla back girl

hi Lia,
Thanks for the reply. 9lbs !!!! That is fantastic!!! It was my first day today (again!!) but Ive stuck to it!! You should be very proud of yourself, keep up the good work and thanks for your support ! REW x
Rew, How did you get on with your water intake?
Rew, How did you get on with your water intake?
Hi Lia,
Hows it going? Im on Day 3, by the skin of my teeth.Really tempted to eat yesterday but found the strength not to!! Still struggling to drink all the water, especially in the cold weather. I have been using warm water with the shakes, which is a bit easier to drink. Hope you are holding on in there !! REW xx
Hi guys,

i really need a buddy as well! started cd 2 weeks ago, it was going really well until i cheated and now i just cant get back to it! i try everyday and fail in the evening!

I am hoping tomorrow will be the day!

I know exactly how you feel.Last month I lasted for 10 days and then cheated.It was so hard to get back to it. I think if we just learn from our mistakes and stay determined we can crack it !! Im on Day3 and struggling a bit, like you especially in the evenings.I hope we will be able to support each other and keep in touch!
you dont have much to loose hang in there you will be there in no time!

You are right! we do learn from our mistakes! but remember the power is within you! My cdc said if i keep falling off the wagon maybe i should stop the diet and start it again when i am 100%. i took it positively, she is concerned about me wasting my money which is sweet! but its really made me think and i now want to stick to it no matter what!
enough is enough!
Hi to you all too I am on my second week my first week I lost 11lb so was absolutely made up but for some unknown reason blew it the other night (alot!) I have really been good since then and my second weigh in is saturday will be so disapointed if 1 night of food has spoilt it - I am in awe of the people on here who can go weeks 100% for weeks that is real determination hope I can do it!!
Hi Girls - Re starter here too started Tuesday fell of wagon wednesday restarted thursday and keep on picking!! its only little things but its the slippery slope!! i just need to get my head down and deal with it. Dont give up girls. try working out how much you will loose in a month or 2 and youll feel a bit more focused :) we should all stick together!
Hey Kitty,

Tell me about it! My story is similar, since last friday i restart every single day. Once i get to the evening i cheat! i just dont know what else to do now? Im prepared to pay someone to erase my food memory!
I sit with a calculator..lol....calculating how much i wud loose in a month/week

I just dont know what will work??


*feeling frustrated*
Hey girls - quick question... is anyone doing SS+?

I am the queen of giving up but i find i can stick to SS+ cause i am still getting to eat something at night!! I look forward to it. i'm still in shock that i've lost 34lbs in 6 weeks whilst eating my meal at night followed up by my choc toffee bar for dessert!!
Hey guys, I'm restarting tomorrow after a short break off SS and then decided I really want to be back on it again! Tried to restart on Thurs but then realised I had a work lunch on Fri (happens last Fri of every month so no more now til the end of Dec) and had to come off. Decided to stay off over the weekend on Monday (tomorrow) as I seem to find that is the best day to start - its a new week, and gives me 5 days before I have to tackle a weekend!!

Let's make a go of it tomorrow, those of us who have been picking, tomorrow is D-day! What do you reckon?

I'm doing SS+ and have about 18lbs to go to BMI 25, am 23 yrs old from Hants. Am hoping I can be at BMI 25 by 19th December... for my works Christmas do.

Anyone want to buddy up?

Excellent! You can do it, you don't need help on this - just willpower. But of course we're all here for support if you need us!! Don't doubt yourself, and just remember that if you stick with it you WILL get slim quicker than on any other diet!

PS I love porridge - it's my survival tool!
Hiya wannabeslim, sounds like were in the same boat. I done the cambridge in feb til june lost 4 stone then stopped now want to start again starting 2morrow - so would like your help and everyone elses support if i can its gonna be so hard, i dislike the belly rumbles just need to get the 1st 3 days over with. i need to lose 17lbs to reach my target of 10.7 by my xmas party on the 19th!!! wanna b courage buddies?? lol x
Yay ok hun let's do it! I'm the same, I know once I'm on day 4 it's easy from there (day 3 is always the worst for me!). Let's report back on here tomorrow night.. and I want it to be good news, ya hear me?! Lol :)

I'd love to be in the 10's.. 10.7 would be amazing! Think I'm about 12.3 at the mo and BMI 25 for me is 11.1. I'm SSing 100% until 19th and in an ideal world would like to get at least a stone off by then. Do you think that's doable, or maybe even more? I'm then having a night off but getting back on 20th for the weeks run-up to Christmas and back on again from Boxing Day til New Year I think. Then it'll be cal counting and exercising from New Year onwards to maintain

xxxx :)

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