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Cambridge Diet Weightloss Record Thread. Please add your story!


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I'm new to the forum! The stories and weight loss records are truly inspirational. I'm entering week four and started the diet on step 2, 20lbs in 3 weeks so I'm really excited!
Welcome and well done on your weight loss:happy096:
Excellent. Great inspiration. I've just started. 52 kg to loose.
1st week -5lbs, although I ate twice during this week, had terrible carb withdrawal!!!
2nd week -6lbs, fully into ketosis and no naughtiness
3rd week -4lbs, going smoothly

So, 1st 1lb so far :)
What a great idea for a thread!

Week 1 :- -10lbs :bliss::bliss::bliss:
Not a great two weeks, had a 3 day camping trip (all that BBQ meat etc) and a big birthday party at which I totally caved but I am back on plan last few days and losing again so looking to hit my 1 stone in 4 weeks marker that CDC predicted for me.
Week 1 :- -10lbs :bliss::bliss::bliss:
Week 2 (CDC was away)
Week 3 :- -1lb (really struggled camping and a birthday party):cry:
Honeybee i would say this is perfectly normal, it may be that youre going into ketosis, my day 5 i was like a little demon haha! But i think its the first week hurdle! Once youre over it it will be plain sailing! Good luck!
Wow, what an inspirational thread!! This is what keeps me going when my tummy wants food! Reading posts and pints of water. Before I know it, its 2 hours later and should do something productive!
Heya i start my cd saturday really excited as been reading all the positive comments and the amazing outcomes on this diet i cannot wait to meet my consultant saturday and get going, its my bday on the 7th of december and hoping to have lost at least 2 stone by then! Eeek im really worried il cave in by day 2 lol as no otha diets have worked and im always givin up, afta reading all these amazing posts i am really really going to try so hard to stay on the map and complete my mission of 2 stone down by xmas! Need all the motivation i can get so joining onto this thread i hope will keep me sane and get me through the tough time ahead lol eeek
Wow what incredible loses,
I have my second weigh in tomorrow, lost 12lb first week and 3inches from my waist, I am doing the sole source enjoying not being hungry also ;)
am fully in ketosis now too and scared to go out of that ;)
e x
This forum has given me hope. I met with my consultant tonight for the first time and starting tomorrow on SS. I cannot wait to see the results. Well done to everyone so far on their amazing weight losses .

Kirsten xXx
I am on week 3 of the diet and haven't been weighed yet as I live 4 hours away from any civilisation in Australia for the next month. (I'm travelling) I wanted to know if anyone feels bloated at all as I feel extremely bloated and fatter than ever. I looked it up online and it says to drink more water. I have been drinking around 4 letres a day how could I possible drink any more! Help! Feel fat :( I started at 12stone 4lbs would really love to get weighed :(

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