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    CDROME Full Member

    After reading many inspirational stories and upon seeing the progress of others on this forum, I've decided to start my own weight loss diary. I'm hoping that tracking my performance will remind me, further down the line, of the effort that I had to put in, in order to achieve results and that it will lift my spirits if I ever feel down or defeated.

    I will be starting the Cambridge Weight Plan Step One (Sole Source) on Sunday 5th January 2014. I'm looking forward to speaking to people in a similar position and am hoping that those of you who have recently started or will be starting soon, will be here to provide support and encouragement. :)

    I was a thin (albeit extremely self-conscious and insecure) girl growing up. I was 5ft5, 8 1/2 stone and aged 18 when I met my boyfriend. It was the first time that I accepted myself just as I was and I'd never felt more confident. Within a year, the weight gain began and has gradually and steadily increased until now; aged 25 and weighing 13.4 stone. On one hand, I was eating because I finally let myself go and began enjoying life with my boyfriend. On the other, amongst other things, I had detached myself from my closest group of friends, following a row. Life suddenly felt empty and in the loneliness, hurt and anger of it all, I began eating to fill the void.

    Over the last six years, I seem to have lost that short lived happy, content and confident girl. Embarrassed at the thought of people from my past seeing me like this, I have avoided social situations where I may bump into them. My early 20's should have been full of laughter and fun but I hid away and stopped living. I no longer feel like myself. While I am still with my boyfriend and he has been nothing but supportive and loving regardless of my size, it does affect our relationship, from my end.

    I joined many gyms and bought a number of workout DVD's. But mentally I never pieced together the root cause of my unhappiness and consequent dependency on food. And so naturally, I failed. It took a while to look past my anger and accept responsibility of the things I had done wrong, as well as those I could not control. But now that I have, I'm ready to turn a corner and recognise that only I can make the change. A change not so as to improve what others think of me. But a change for a better me and a healthier relationship with a man I love.

    I aim to lose 4 1/2 stone, bringing me down to 9 stone. I hope that you will join and support me in my journey. It begins now. X
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    CDROME Full Member

    Today I met my Consultant for the first time. When I spoke with her on the phone a few weeks ago, I had immediately felt comfortable and knew then that 'she is the right consultant for me'. Meeting her today confirmed this- she is absolutely lovely!

    Recognising that the first few days of this diet are the hardest, she has offered to ring me during the week, to see how I'm getting on. She has also left it open for me to contact her, if ever I feel the urge to eat. It is a lot to offer, considering that she also works full-time and has a family to look after. So I appreciate it that much more to see her giving 100% commitment to this role as a Consultant and I'm really motivated to begin tomorrow. :)

    I weighed in at a starting weight of 85.2 kg which when converted, amounts to 13.4 stone or 187 pounds. My BMI stands at 31. It's my highest weight to date. And one I will never return to.

    I decided that my diet for each day of this coming week will consist of two shakes and one soup. I've chosen the strawberry, vanilla, chocolate mint, fruits of the forest, toffee and walnut and butterscotch flavours in the shakes and oriental chilli, spicy tomato, leek and potato and chicken and mushroom flavours in the soups.

    So I'm all set and ready to go. :) X
  4. Foo Fan

    Foo Fan Gold Member

    Good luck for tomorrow!!! You'll be at 9st before you know it x

    Start - 11st 9lb
    Week 1 - 11st 4lb
    Week 2 - 11st 1lb
    Week 3 - STS
    Week 4 - 10st 11lb
    Week 5 - Xmas week off plan
    Week 6 - 11st
    Week 7 - 10st 10lb

    CDROME Full Member

    Thank you Foo Fan- There's no looking back now! How's your weight loss journey going hun? What sort of weight are you hoping to get down to? X
  6. hayley29

    hayley29 Full Member

    Good luck hun come on here if you struggle! There's lots of support xx

    CDROME Full Member

    Thank you Hayley. :) I will definitely. The support on here is great! Hope you're getting on well? X
  8. Rozziebabe85

    Rozziebabe85 Full Member

    Good luck!!! You story is similar to mine and you're a similar weight. We can go this!!

    Starting Weight: 188lbs

    CDROME Full Member

    Hey Rozziebabe85, thanks for stopping by. :) We can do this for sure and we will! When did you start? Are you on Sole Source? X
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  10. Rozziebabe85

    Rozziebabe85 Full Member

    I'm on day 4. Feeling miserable and tired today. I'm on SS and then SS+ when I really really need it. Boiled eggs may be on the menu tonight, feeling very lethargic!! I'm nearly in ketosis as I've got a nasty taste in my mouth. Hoping to wake up tomorrow and feel much better. X

    Starting Weight: 188lbs.
  11. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    Aww okay- I didn't realise you could switch between them. But it's good that the option to do so is there for moments like these! You'll be in ketosis before you know it and hopefully it'll be much easier to get through after that. How much are you hoping to lose? Keep at it and stay positive. :) Xx
  12. Rozziebabe85

    Rozziebabe85 Full Member

    I know quite a few people who switch between SS and SS+. I also know that some people don't trust themselves to eat anything as it might open the flood gates. You just need to pick what system works best for you. Hoping to lose 3.5 stones before April. I'll lose most weight doing SS as often as I can so planning to do SS+ only when I really can't go on.

    Starting Weight: 188lbs.
  13. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    Lol! I think I'm one of those people who can't trust themselves to eat at this point. Having said that, it is only the first day for me and I might be singing a different tune when my stomach is crying out for food. Lol! Our weight loss goals are not that far apart- we can motivate each other to get there. :) A friend of mine was a similar weight to us and averaged a weight loss of a stone a month. So hopefully you can achieve your target by April! X
  14. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    Day One: Sole Source: 5/1/14

    Day one finally arrived and is drawing to a close. Knowing how calorific the last few weeks have been and with my Consultant warning me, that the first few days are tough, I was strategically planning to sleep for as much of it as possible. Unfortunately, my bedroom is in the loft conversion and the pigeon/ squirrel/ demon spawn, which was tapping away at the roof at 8.30 this morning, had other ideas. So, my strategic plan ended up being a complete bust. Lol.

    Showered and ready to begin the day by 10am, I decided to put off taking my first shake until I was REALLY hungry. I steadily consumed a litre of water between 10am and 1pm. Fortunately, drinking water and the taste of it is something I got into the habit of, during my previous attempts of diet and exercise. So thankfully, it isn't a dreaded task for me, in the way that it is for some on this forum.

    By 1.30pm, my stomach was making frightfully unnatural sounds and I thought it was finally time to figure out how to use the blender and to make my first shake: Chocolate Mint. This flavour is everything people are making it out to be! And as someone who has a major sweet tooth, I can see it keeping the cravings in control.

    With a second litre of water consumed between 2-6pm, this un-domestic goddess-to-be, blended a Butterscotch shake like a pro. :p While it had a slightly chalky texture, the taste wasn't bad and I wouldn't mind having to drink this again; which is probably a good thing as I have another two packets left!

    Leek and Potato soup followed at 9pm. I'm not sure if I just needed to add extra water to the soup, but I found it to be really salty! And finally, 500ml of water brought an end to the day.

    I have to be honest, in the nervousness of not knowing how my body would react, to a diet I hadn't previously tried, I was expecting this first day to be a lot worse. I do think the next few days will get progressively harder. But for now, I'm grateful for and proud of getting through the first hurdle at 100%. Roll on day two. :D X
  15. teamshelley

    teamshelley Full Member

    Reading your introductory post is like reading my life haha! I too met my boyfriend (now ex) when I was only 17, was with him for 8 years and now I am 25 and also overweight. We have really similar start and goal weights so we should definitely be buddies in this! I've done it before... it DOES work, we can do this! x
  16. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    Hey Shelley! Lol! I'm not normally one to advertise my life story but on this occasion it felt right to explain where it began and how I got to this point. Admitting it and putting it out there was the only way I could see myself moving forward; I've hidden away for too long. I'm glad it's something you and hopefully others can relate to. Lol, I will happily be a buddy. Hopefully having that support makes the journey a little easier on us all. :) When did you start? X
  17. teamshelley

    teamshelley Full Member

    I started back on the 3rd! So only a couple of days in! Last time I had lost 20lbs in 5 weeks so I am really hoping I can do the same this time! I am sick of not wanting to go out and socialise because of how I feel about my figure! I have a diary on here too with a before picture (eek). Maybe once I've lost weight I'll feel better about maybe finding someone else :p xx
  18. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    Wow, that's a lot in such a short space of time! You've done it before though and you'll do it again hun. I know the feeling- But you're doing something about it now and that's what counts. We'll be socialising confidently before we know it. Lol! And once you've accepted yourself and are content with yourself, the finding someone else part will be easy! Keep me posted on your progress. :) X
  19. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    Day Two: Sole Source: 6/1/14

    As I get ready for bed, I am happy to say that day two is over at 100% sole source. My TOTM conveniently began at the same time as my diet and caused some discomfort today. On the upside, the period pain completely overshadowed the hunger pain. From the diet perspective, other than feeling some fatigue, I got through the day with relative ease.

    Like yesterday, I began with the gradual consumption of a litre of water between 11-2pm. I had a Strawberry shake at 2pm, a second litre of water between 2-6pm and Spicy Tomato soup followed at 7pm.

    Within hours of last night's soup, my stomach had rumbled for hours and I had felt hungry, while I tried to sleep. So tonight, I kept my final Toffee and Walnut shake for the later time of 10pm. I must be less fussier than I thought because I have no complaints of any of today's shakes or soup. In fact, the Toffee and Walnut shake comes a close second to Chocolate Mint! Lol.

    I cannot pretend that my TOTM is not concerning me; I worry that it may affect the first weeks weight loss. Finishing off my last 500ml of water for the day, I go to bed hoping that I am able to lose a decent amount. X
  20. HMM

    HMM Member

    So glad I found this thread! Exactly what I have been looking for! I am around your age and around 13 stone (last time I weighed I was 12 stone 7- I know I have put on around half a stone since then!) and I am looking to getting down to about 9 stone (would love to break that barrier and get down to 8 something!). I meet my consultant for the first time on Wednesday (9th Jan) and hope to start a diary in order to keep me motivated and aware of the change in my body. Can't wait to get started!
  21. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    Hey HMM! I'm glad you found it too. :D Best of luck for your consultation on Wednesday- Let me know how it goes. I look forward to your diary and progress! Is this your first time doing the Cambridge diet? X

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