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  1. Camilan

    Camilan Full Member

    Hi Guys

    I am due to meet with my consultant tomorrow and then start the diet on Tuesday.

    I have tried the diet once before but didn't get past day 4! This time i am more determined and i also have a friend who started last week and another that has been on the diet for a few months so i have some support around me.

    I have lost 5 stone on my own but have been stuck for a year now so thought i best get my ass in gear! I have about another 5 - 6 stone to go, depending on how i feel or look when i get near my goal weight.

    My partner is in the Navy and is away for 3 months from tomorrow with a cheeky visit home in a couple of weeks time. I would love to be able to greet him when he arrives back in 3 months with a completely new look, also my graduation is on the 30th Nov so would love to look good in the pics ;). I have a couple of mini targets too which i'm hoping will help me stay motivated!

    I have never been so determined to stick to it and have had a couple of words of advice from my friends to get me through the first two weeks which can be really difficult, so i have heard.
    I thought it may also help me to have this diary on here, so here i am!

    This forum looks great and very supportive and i can't wait to get started on the diet on Tuesday.

    I will update tomorrow with my initial weigh in :rolleyes:

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  3. Welcome.
    I look forward to reading your diary x
  4. Camilan

    Camilan Full Member

    Have been to see the lovely Cambridge lady!

    Weighed in 5lb heavier than my scales so wasn't a happy bunny :( but that's the last time i'll see that number!

    I have got all my supplies to last me until next week so bring on tomorrow when i can start.

    Can't wait to get started now!
  5. Fairy577

    Fairy577 Silver Member

    Good for you in losing your first 5 stone yourself. That alone takes sheer determination!! Good luck to you and will defo be keeping an eye out for your entries in here. X
  6. Camilan

    Camilan Full Member

    So got to 4 o'clock before feeling hungry!

    Had my two brick shakes earlier and have just had a soup... ewwwwwwww! Shakes are great but the soup.... literally chucked it down my throat and washed it down with lots of water! So think it will be all bricks next week! Think it's the texture of the soup i don't like, not the taste.

    Haven't stopped weeing all day lol!

    Day 1 so nearly done!
  7. Camilan

    Camilan Full Member

    Thought i'd posted this afternoon but it's not here!!!

    First day today, had a shake for brekkie and lunch and a soup for tea.

    Shakes were fine but the soup ewwwwwwwwwww..!!! Think its the texture that does it. Will be sticking to the shakes in future i think. Although the thought that i have to have 6 more soups is a bit daunting. They're diff flavours but i don't think it will make a difference.

    I am now feeling really hungry :( and am peeing for England! lol!

    But i keep reading other diaries and am determined to just stick with it and have my eyes on my mini targets.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok xxx
  8. Camilan

    Camilan Full Member

    Well day two... had a study day today. Boring.... and everyone else was snacking on Chocolate but it didn't bother me at all.

    Just tried the Oriental Chilli soup and actually enjoyed it! But seems as tho this time of day is going to be difficult for me as am now absolutely starving!

  9. Fairy577

    Fairy577 Silver Member

    I love the chilli soup. It's my fave one. I just had the leek and potato and it wasn't too bad either. I try leave my first shake as long as possible so I can have my second product at tea time and my 3rd when te kids are in bed. Keep goin with it. Xxx
  10. Camilan

    Camilan Full Member

    Day 3...

    Going ok... had to have a couple of paracetamol today as had a nasty headache.

    My bodily functions seem to be like a rabbits at the mo too and is uncomfortable :( am drinking plenty and hoping that will change!!!

    Nearly halfway through my first week! It's going so slow! lol !

  11. tizzy51

    tizzy51 Gold Member

    You are doing great! Welcome to CD - the diet really works! I'm excited for your weigh-in next week. :)

    You will be heading into ketosis soon - symptoms tend to be funny taste in your mouth, bad smelling breath, loss of appetite, getting cold. The loss of appetite really helps and allows you to stick to the diet - then all you have to deal with are habits and cravings. Ketosis is when your body starts burning its fat stores for energy - it's where you want to be.

    Hang in there, keep drinking - it's important - and the peeing will become a bit more manageable as your body gets used to having more water. And read the diaries on this forum - they are inspiring and reassuring (other people are dealing with the same things as you, and are still able to do the diet).

    Good luck!
  12. Camilan

    Camilan Full Member

    Thanks for that Tizzy! I have the funny taste in my mouth and was shivering earlier wondered what was going on as its hot today!

    I've tried this diet twice before and always gave up on day 4! So have nearly surpassed that now but this time i am better motivated! But must admit feel starving today!! So looking forward to the loss of appetite!! xx
  13. tizzy51

    tizzy51 Gold Member

    Good for you on making it so far! Yes, the lack of hunger is critical - otherwise I don't think we could stick to the diet. That said, it took me 2-3 weeks to realize that sometimes when I thought I was hungry (I wanted to eat) I actually was bored or watching TV or didn't like what I was doing, etc. There are many triggers in our lives for us to stop what we're doing and go eat something. :)

    Try to space out your CD products to one every 4-5 hours. I am not hungry in the morning, so I have my first around 10ish; second around 2-3pm and 3rd around 7-8pm. When I feel hungry or that I want something and it's not time for a product, I drink loads of water or tea (a lot of times something hot like tea will do the trick).

    Stick with it - you will love the results! I'm thinking your weigh-in is Tues next week? Mine is Monday.
  14. Camilan

    Camilan Full Member

    Weigh in day is Monday too!!!

    I can't wait.

    Fancied food today but wasn't actually hungry. So still on track. Bring on Monday!

    Hope you going good too xx
  15. tizzy51

    tizzy51 Gold Member

    Monday as well - great! We can help keep each other going. I've been doing well - had a cranberry bar at noon and then nothing til nearly 7pm (not recommended - but I was busy; even managed to do 2-2.5hrs of gardening!) and then had chick&mush soup and, about an hour later, a choc shake. Was desparate for something to chew so I chomped on 2 stalks of celery - you gotta love a veg that gives you fibre and uses more calories being eaten/digested that it provides!

    Now I'm sitting here and I'm hungry! Aaargh! I think it's bedtime.

    Hope you're having a good weekend!
  16. Camilan

    Camilan Full Member

    It's been a mad weekend... been working! Was on call last night and i got called out at 3am took a shake with me and drank it on the way for some energy... but didn't get home til 1pm so was starving! So have been munching on cucumber and having my soup!

    Looking forward to getting on the scales.

    Good luck for tomorrow! x
  17. Well done ladies. Look forward to reading about your weigh in. Xxx

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  18. tizzy51

    tizzy51 Gold Member

    Hi Cami - how did your weigh-in go? Hope you are pleased with the results!

    Mine went well - lost 5lbs. Probably could have lost another 05.-1lb, but last night I caught up with a friend who is in town for a conference - the only downside to that was we went out to dinner and while I was relatively wise, I wasn't completely so - had a mojito to drink and chose steak over fish, tho did manage not to eat the french fries. :rolleyes:
  19. Well done Tizzy.
    Who the hell can resist a mojito?! The fact that you never ate the chips is a massive gold star! You did good girl! I've cancelled all social engagements for the next 6 weeks. Right now I know I'd just be too weak and cave in.
    Well done xx

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  20. Camilan

    Camilan Full Member

    Well just weighed in... and lost 11lb!!!
    Very pleased with that!!!
    Well done Tizzy.... must admit i'd rather a cosmo or strawberry daquari lol ;)
    Bring on the next week! xxx
  21. Wow! Well done Cam. What motivation that fantastic weight loss is for next weigh in.

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