Can I do 5:2 whilst counting cals normally?

Discussion in '5:2 Fasting' started by mrsp14, 29 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. mrsp14

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    I've been using myfitnesspal and have lost 1st 8lbs in just under 4 months. But the last few weeks my loss has come to a stand still. So I want to do something to boost it before I lose motivation. So am considering 5:2 but don't think I could eat over 2000 cals on my non fast days!! I currently have just under 1400 per day!!
    Any advice welcome.
    Also... I am a person who absolutely has to have breakfast.... And would struggle to skip dinner!! Any hints/recipies on how to get through a fast day would be great!!!
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  3. KittyBling

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    If you are going to do fasting you really need to eat more than 1400 calories on an UD for it to be a success. There is no reason to skip breakfast or indeed dinner as long as you have something small and eat within your calories, you can spread the 500 any way you like. I personally don't eat until about 5pm on a fast day, that's what works for me but everyone is different.
    Having said all that if you aren't keen on eating more than 1400 calories and can't skip meals then maybe fasting isn't the way to go?? Good luck whatever you decide.
  4. Dietninja

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    1400 a day = 9800 cals a week.
    One way to go if you still want to cal count is if you have 2 days of 500, you have 8800 that can be divided through the other 5 days

    8800 / 5 = 1760

    So you could have 1700-1800 on your other days...
  5. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    I have 1500ish on my non fast days which gives me a daily average of 1200 & it's working for me. I probably have one day a week that is around 1800 if I'm honest. I was the same I'd lost 7.5st cal counting but gained a stone back I just couldn't shift. This has moved 15lbs in just over 7 weeks x

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