can I do this and would you?


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Iv just had 2 ryvita as my hexb as wanted it as SS, with a quarter of a tub of cottage cheese, 1/2 tomatoe, some sliced ham, apple & baby orange..

But I was still hungry so had another 2 with more cottage cheese & Ham. Im now very satisfied, but I only wanted to have 2 so I could Super Speed, my plan was to have another 2 later in the day when peckish and syn them, so even though iv had 4, which im allowed as an hexb can I still syn 2 of them to keep my hexB super speed? and more to the point, would you do this?

Im desperate to wean myself off bread but finding it real tough as that all bubs is craving, so I figured, tough love, use hexb on somethng else & if I want extra syn that which iv done as that will stop me reaching for bread later.
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I wouldn't bother. You are allowed four for your HEB so why not just use them to the full, particularly if you are struggling a bit.