Can I eat Tandoori chicken during 790plan


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I am off to Dubai during Christmas and planning to move from SS to AAM next week and during christmas move to 790. Can I eat Tandoori chicken and fish from hotels when I'm there. Can the spice in it do any harm to my ketosis.
Thanks in advance for your reply.
hang on and ill tryfind someone to help you, fish yes as long as its white fish!!!!!!!!! not sure about tandoori spices tho x

Well you can eat chicken & fish, but any spices could knock you out of ketosis. Other problem is you don't know exactly what has been put on the food, could be sugar, salt as well as spices, which will also cause you problems.

Saying that though better to eat tandoori chicken, than burger/pizza/chips etc. Just try & keep your protein choices as simple as possible, avoid the carbs & eat plenty of salad, undressed. The salad that is - not you:eek:

Enjoy yourself & as long as you remain sensible you'll not do too much damage.