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  1. trinakmh

    trinakmh Silver Member

    Hello everyone,
    Let me introduce myself......My names Trina and im married to Andy for almost 6 years, we have two daughters Alice whos 5 and Megan whos 3.

    I am currently about 6 stones overweight :( .
    I started lipotrim 2 weeks ago and lost 10lb 1st week and 7 lb last week,so am on top of the world at the moment.
    Can i joint you guys, you all seem friendly and you are all going through or have been through the same.
    Many thanks Trinax
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  3. dizzy-n-mizzy

    dizzy-n-mizzy Not dieting ATM!

    Hi Trinax

    Welcome! What a fab result you have already had. I'm doing Cambridge diet and am Essex mum of 3 and had 5 stone to lose, just over a stone to go and feeling fab.

    Looking forward to hearing how the rest of your journey goes.

    Dizzy x
  4. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Hi Trina - wow!!!! What fantastic losses - you must be on top of the world!!!!!

    Glad to have you on board, hun - keep us posted on your progress, won't you!
  5. mummydebbie

    mummydebbie Member

    i,m on lipotrim to

    hi trina
    well done on you brill weight loss thats really good
    i,m on lipotrm have been for 15 weeks now with a loss of 5st 7lb so far so its a great diet so keep going
    take care
  6. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

    Im on week 4 of LL and your doing fab.
    Well done you hun
  7. goldgranny

    goldgranny Member

    I'm on lipotrim too

    Hi Trinax

    WELL DONE on your weight lose, I have lost 2 stone on lipotrim. I had a 4 week break and managed not to gain,decided to go for it again a week ago and lost 6lbs.
    Good luck. The lipotrim posts have been a bit quieter just lately, but everyone is very supportive.
    Keep us posted on how you are doing
  8. trinakmh

    trinakmh Silver Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome......
    How do i get one of thoses fab tickers?
  9. mustdoit

    mustdoit susan

    click on somebody elses and follow instructions x

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