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Can I really do it?


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My GP is requesting funding for my to have gastric bypass surgery. Whilst I am really pleased about this there is a part of me that wonders if I should give CD one last try. I feel so defeated though as I lost & gained on CD 3 times already, each time gaining more than I lost. I am now at my heaviest with a BMI of 44.4. Anyone else been down this road & still eventually managed to lose the weight & keep it off? I've never made it close to goal but I have got down to being obese rather than morbidly obese.

I have a 23 month old & wish I could find the willpower to lose weight without the risks of surgery...

Feeling desperate :(
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Hi Anna B, give CD another go. You know you can lose the weight on all you have to do is learn how to maintain it. I'm sure its better for you with a little one than having surgery. Good luck. There are always plenty of people here who will give you all the encouragement you need to do it. Take care
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a gastric bypass is not something you should do if you are hesistant, and i think you are!

honestly i was soooooo fed up in Jan and Feb and was looking into gastric surgery for myself, was even gonna pay for it myself. I was desperate.

But thankfully i tried this as a last resort... I have a binge habit which means ww/sw does not work for me. so i had to abstain 100% from eating. I thought gastric surgery was the only solution UNTIL i looked into CD.

CD was my last resort and i am so glad i tried it before going for any consultations for surgery!

please try it one more time and if it fails then go for gastric band.

good luck with your choice!!!! xxxx


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Try CD whilst waiting for surgery .... if you lose weight on it you can camncel surgery - or have the op at a lower weight. If it doesn't work you still have surgery as a back up. You will need a GP to sign your medical form anyway with Cd as your BMI is over 40.
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oh and i bet there is someone on here with a similar BMI who would love to buddy up with you and lend support during the diet...

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awe anna cant realy say anything different to what have allrady been said..

if you do a post for people who weighs simular to you, you can buddy up with someone and have more support!! i found a buddy with same losses as me and we live not far from eachother and meet up regulary..

give cd another go hun... give it your all.. so much safer than surgery and the wright losses are simular ... keep the surgery as a back up..

best of luck with what ever you decide..

(give cd ago give cd a go :))
I've a similar amount of weight to lose as you. If you think it will help we can try and support each other. I too have been here and done it before and frustrated and scared about the fact that I know if I can finally lose the weight I will find it difficult to keep it off. I was supposed to restart on Monday but it just didn't happen. I've since had thoughts of trying ww or sw yet again but I just know that that doesn't work for me and it's just way too slow. I'm going to give CD another go starting tomorrow. Give it another go too... I think we need to keep going till goal. Only then do we have a chance of keeping the weight off. Good luck whatever you decide.

totally agree with everyone here give it another shot. You sound like this is the time you want to do it for good and see it through. Ive lots of weight to lose yet and cant see the end but i will not give up :)

becky x
Hi you can do it with everyone helping you along on this site!!! There are alot of risks involved in surgery so its worth a try, l have another 5-6 stone to lose and when l get down to my goal l am going to continue using this site to motivate me to maintain, if you want a diet buddy let me know x


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Thanks everyone. I have emailed my CDC & explained the situation to her, also that I'm really not sure what to do. Hopefully I'll hear back soon. To be fair to my CDC she was superb, couldn't fault her, very supportive in the past it's just me that's the problem.

If I knew the surgery would go well I'd have in in a second, same if I didn't have a child but I'm very aware that I'm not just taking the risks for me but for him as well which is why I'm thinking about giving CD one last go.

I'm feeling very low/fed up at the moment
I think once you're on CD and starting to lose weight again your mood will pick up again. Hope you feel happier soon. xxx
S: 18st0lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.17%)
within a week of you starting you will feel so happy....

give it a go... you got nothin to loose except weight!! :)



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Thank you all, I'm really touched by your support. I've heard from my CDC who is happy to have me back if that's what I decide. I've talked to DH & he's happy for me to give it another go.

I know I have to do something, I hate being this weight, it hurts physically & emotionally & is now limiting what I can do.

I just need to get an appointment set up now so I can get started. I just hope this time I can do it, reach goal & keep it off, it feels like an impossible dream at times.


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Hi Anna

I'm sure you can do it this time, it's hard, but so totally worth it.

I have a similar BMI to you, I started at 54.5 and I've come down to 44.5 since I started. If you'd like, we can go through this together, it's always good to have someone with a similar amount to lose to go along with.


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My CDC has put the form for the GP in the post, I have an appointment on Tuesday anyway so I'll get it signed then. I know the GP will be fine about it as I can't see her agreeing to weight loss surgery but then refusing to let me do CD again. I've got an appointment with my CDC also on Tuesday. I do have a weeks supply CD shakes already in the house (left over from last time) so I might just go ahead & start tomorrow rather than wasting any more time.


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I went ahead & started CD again yesterday. I found day 1 OK, today I'm finding it harder work but I keep reminding myself that's it's this or surgery & that helps as I can't imagine the first few weeks of recovering from bypass surgery are much fun either! I feel exhausted & hungey, but sticking to it 100% :)


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It's been a few weeks since I said I was going back on CD. Sadly life took an unexpected turn & I lost someone very close to me. I spent a lot of time at the hospital over 2 weeks so couldn't face CD. The funeral was just over a week ago. I'm trying to get myself together enough to focus on starting CD again & getting this weight off.


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Aww Anna I'm sorry. :hug99:
Take time to gather yourself rather than worrying about losing weight. The CD will always be there when you're ready to fully embrace the journey.

Thinking of you
Gaynor x x

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