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Can someone give me a good kick

Hi, i m feeling really crap i'd lost over a stone b4 x mas then put 3lbs in the 2 weeks after x mas (which i was happy about) trouble is i cant get back on the wagon. I keep saying ill do it tomorrow but tomorrow never comes. i have started off well today only had that smash pizza and some fruit. I will go to class to get weighed tonight i m just scared my head makes an excuse like it did last night. grrrrr

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P.s. i havent been to class for two weeks but i was genuinely ill.
and i have text my consultant so she knows i am coming tonight no backing out.

I think it might be because i have an app with the obesity clinic at the hospital so i m worried and wondering what they will say

Debs x


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you need annie - she has a big boot that she kicks us with when someone needs a kick up the bum haha!
well done on yr weight loss so far, a stone is really good :D Going to group will probably motivate you a lot - listening to peoples sucesses, and I always think going to group gives you a really good mindset to tackle the week with. The weeks I struggle are the weeks I dont go to group. Another thing that keeps me motivated is here! Whenever


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ooh it posted before I finished haha! I was just gonna say whenever I feel like I could just eat a big bar of choc or feeling less motivated, reading how everyones day was and reading about people having such fantasic losses, it reminds me why i'm doing this, and the plan really works! The recipes are so great on here too. You've done the hardest part, agreeing to go to group and get weighed. Everyone falls off the wagon sometimes, dont beat yourself up - think of going to group as a brand new start, and you are already a stone towards your target - i cant think of a better way to begin again!
good luck, let me know how you get on tonight :)
Hi Hun

I woudl say if you have not been to group and struggling then once your back into your weekly group and in the swing of things again it will become easier.

I felt really down about it all yesterday bt have since picked myself up and feel much better for it.

Now you have done really well 2day, but weigh in tonight means a fresh start, dont go worrying about the scales say, fond that original motivation you had when you first started and put that in place for tonight, then use it as your complete fresh start tommorrow. Sometimes we get so hung up on what has been and gone we forget where we were headed in the first place.

Take a deep breath, focus on your goal and go get em!!

You CAN and WILL do this! Your STRONG!

Dont worry about the obesity clinic, as long as you can go in with your head held high knowing that your doing something to improve your weight then its all good.

Why do you want to loose the weight lovely? Why now?

A stone b4 Xmas was fab and another stone will feel even better.

Were all here if you need us!


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Wayhey!! I don't need asking twice... I will oblige you with a very large kick up the bum!!

Make sure you go to class tonight, that way you can move on from being in that rut. Fresh start and all that... good luck and c'mon gal, you can do it :D
Lol....there isnt anything more that I can write that the others havent already said Hun, but just to let you know we all go through this stage at some point...dont undo all that effort that you have made just for a few mouthfuls of c**p, its really not worth it.
Come on!!!!


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Wow, that's one big boot, Annie! :D I shall remember you've got that in reserve for the next time I need one. ;)
Thanks everyone i went to wi tonight totally inspired by one member (went to different class same consultant) my jaw nearly droped she been there for 3 weeks and had an award each week 1st week half stone 2nd stone award and the 3rd stone and a half. My consultant also recommended i give the extra easy a try and i have managed to get to the end of today 100% food optimising.

Debs x


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Well done for getting back on track, we all know it's not an easy thing to do. :) x
I think if i dont have a really good loss this week im going to try extra easy too. Well done for going back, and im glad you feel inspired again! Were all in this together hun :) xxx

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