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Hi everyone
the other day i joined up with 'Cannons' gym as it looked stunning and seemed so much nicer than other ones ive been too. Only thing is when i was walking around i did seem to be the only person in there that had some weight on me! since joining everyone ive spoken too says i shouldnt have as they are notoriously for people who love themselves and its a right posers gym, and for someone insecure like me its the last place i want to go!! now im really worried! i was planning on going this weekend but ive got flu so couldnt. Just wondered if anyone else goes to cannons and if my friends/family are right? i suppose all gyms are differant so hard to tell just curious really thanks x
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I've never been inside a Canons gym but I've 'heard' that they're very much a status kind of gym ... the sort of place frequented by solicitors, doctors and other such high powered individuals.

However, you've joined now (didn't you go for a visit first and see the sort of people who were using it before you committed youself?) and at the end of the day you're there to improve your health and fitness so try not to get worried about what other people think - what do they matter anyway?

The only person you should be concerned about is the only person who matters ... and that's YOU


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yeah i did go for a visit but its very hard to tell after seeing it for 10 minutes, it was after id joined that everyone started telling me this and by then it was too late. i know i shouldnt care but unfortunatley being insecure its easier said than done. anyway will have to go now so im sure il be ok after the first time.
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I'm probably the most insecure person you could ever meet and as such would shy away from big multi national gyms like Canons and Fitness First. But as you say, you've committed yourself now and once you start, you may find it's not nearly as bad as you fear.

You're doing something pro-active to improve your health and as such are to be applauded; I'm sure everyone you meet will think the same.


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Most people will be thinking "Good on ya" - that's even if they notice at all. I know that even when I was slimmer and fitter than I am now I was always far too busy trying not to fluff my steps and working through the burn. Also (and I've done a verbal survey on this) most people - even those who don't look it - are not beyond feeling a little paranoid themselves and are busy dealing with their own insecurities.

So - get yourself down there - you deserve to be in your lovely posh gym just as much as any other member. Enjoy yourself and get your moneys worth



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I have to disagree.

I was a member of my local Cannons - Cottingley in Bingley - and enjoyed it very much. As is the same with all gyms you get an assortment of people going. The only reason I stopped going was for cost-cutting as it was costing me £50+ a month and I could join the local council run gym for £30+ a month.


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The people there will probably only be intersted in themselves, and only give you the once over cos youre in their field of vision! If you're really concerned, for most sign up things you have a 14day cooling off period, so you could cancel it then.
your job is to lose fat not care what other people are doing. if you like the place join it, other types of people there dont really matter.
i've been to two gyms in my life, one full of posers and silly cocks and the other full of bodybuilders and powerlifters.
i felt comfortable in both places.
the bodybuilding gym tho is much better, the training atmosphere etc etc.

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