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Hi all,id lost 12ib and put 6 of that back on last wk,im finding it so hard at the mo and every night i think 'im gonna do this tomorrow'and before i know it ive eaten 3 pieces of toast with lurpack,which is very nice:),but it makes me so unhappy:cry:,im 14st 6 ,and i wanted to lose 2 stone for my hols in june,why is it so hard to do at times when its the easiest diet ever,some encouragment please guys,
take care,kat
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aw kat dont beat urself up trust me im exactly the same, but i thought to myself last week, right do i wanna look awful in my bikini or at least 1 stone lighter, and i came to the conclusion that i want to be thin!! i think u just want everythin u arent allowed wen ur on a diet even though it is so easy! i found myself in tescos last nite droolin over doughnuts and crusty bread with philadelphia!!and i never do that, not good! but to get sum recipes which allow u to syn but for less check out all the recipes here or on the slimming world website, theyre great! just think u had nearly a stone off! we can help motivate each other!! u can do this kat!!!

wat sort of things are u eatin that u shudnt be??xx
Admitting you have to lose weight is a start hun.
Write down everything you dislike about being overweight
Write down what you eat in a day
Go to Class
Do a little exercise as this always helps me feel motivated
Put the worst ever photograph of yourself on the fridge

And if you are really not ready to lose it at the moment dont beat yourself up about it, There are times in your life it is just not that simple.....BUT you have a goal to work towards....your holidays so get your head down, read your SW book and visit us everyday, even if it is for motivation.
Im on here on and off all day, so are others and we will try our best to keep your head above water.
Join our Challenges that we do to keep positive.

Now chin up, stop feeling bad and get on with it! ;)
Ruthyxxxx :)
Thanks guys,its always gud to know that your not on your own,im eating alot of bread and butter,pittas with butter,crisps ,choc.I think im gonna do the gym in the mornings and that may keep me focused for the rest of the day,thanks for the advice,i will be checking in everyday now,love kat:girlpower:
Bread was my downfall hun, best thing for you to do is a bread detox, i dont have any bread unless i can really help it. It bloats me out and once i start i cant stop lol.
Ruthy xxx
Hi hun, I am exactly the same. I think "Oh I'll get back on it tomorrow" or "its the weekend" or "I'm going out for dinner" and blow it, its crap and I feel awful afterwards. I'm joining a gym this weekend and I'm going to try (haha) to go in the mornings twice a week, like you said keeps you on track all day.
With me its all or nothing.I know the healthy attitude to have it "OK so I had crisps, now I'll be good and go to gym to work it off and have a light dinner" but I don't, I think, "Right I've blown it now I'm having more crisps, toast, bread and butter, chips, everything, and there's no point going to the gym 'cos it won't burn half of this off. I've done it for years and years, yo-yo dieting and bingeing and its not healthy but I honestly think I am addicted to food sometimes. I stuff it in my mouth quickly and barely taste it, love eating on my own, and just get as much in as I can.
It's a really unhealthy attitude to have and I'm really going to try now to get back into it and get this weight off. You're not on your own and YOU CAN DO IT you just need to get into a cycle of a few weeks, once you're into it you'll probably stick to it better.
Please don't give up, allow yourself your syns and eat them SLOWLY. Dieting isn't fun, even a diet like this where it's pretty easy. But being overweight isn't fun either. If it was an ideal world we'd all be slim without trying, but then wouldn't we all like to be rich without working. I really wish you all the best in this, please keep coming on here for support because I know so much how you feel and if you ever want to chat just let me know.
Sorry for the long rambling post but it's just like reading my own mind! x x x x x x x all the best


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Im the same as Ruthy - I just avoid bread altogether, then dont get tempted to go too mad xx
thank you for all your replys,i started again yesterday after your words of encouragment,and so far so good,im gonna take my puppy out for a walk in a minute and that will set me up for today,thanks again guys,
luv kat:)

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