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cant post new thread

trying to start a new thread in the juddd forum and it wont let me post
I get a blank scene and when I reenter the forum its not posted
I had the same problem yesterday morning
is it me not being able to start a new thread or does maintainance happen at certain times
it will be interesting to see if this post is accepted -

I did start a new thread last night
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well that worked
this is what I am attempting to post

Good morning everyone
yes I know its silly o'clock but I cant sleep
I went to bed very early as was feeling cold (side effect of dd?)
and I have awoken with a headache

so down stairs long enough to let pills work - having spent the last two hours trying to ignore it

right on with the purpose of this post
as we are such a small group - I thought it would be nice to set up a daily thread (first on starts it) to say a little about our intended day and a few mundane random facts - just to help us get to know each other better

so my intended day - go back to bed shortly
its an up day and I am working today - as no computer at work I will take a good book and hope for a busy day
food for today
oats so simple
eggy sarnie with fruit for lunch
dinner pasta bake
snacks if needed will be fruit and cereal bars

hope everyone has a good day
rmf - I am cold :D
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I moved your thread into the juddd forum...

Not sure as to why you could not post it here in the first place...when you managed to do it in the technical forum.

Try again to post a new thread here in the Juddd forum when you get time and see what happens.

Love Mini xxx
Yes I had probs posting a new thread yesterday too, although could reply in existing threads, just kept getting an error message.


Staff member
Can you tell me what the thread title is?

Also specify what errors you get.

I get emails when errors happen and I have been able to reduce it from 50 odd a day to 1-3. No errors have been sent to me since the 6th.

Mine yesterday was "Good morning ladies!" and I tried again with "Good Morning Judders" or similar, tried 3 times in total I think then gave up lol!
I think mine was something along the lines of
good wednesday morning and random mundane facts
and then again good thursday morning and random mundane facts

I also cant change the title on this thread if that will give you any clues

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