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Carb recommendations

Hi guys, noob here :)

I've decided to try and get back to the weight I was in my 20's after giving up smoking, getting married, and turning 40 last year. Yep, possibly a fruitless goal and backlash to hitting the big 4-0, but at least I might lose some lbs in the process just by trying :eek:
What I need help with is some 'good' carbs. I am a real carboholic - especially potatoes and pasta - and need some good substitutes that won't make me feel like I'm losing out. Any ideas? Thanks

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instead of potato - turnip and celeriac are much lower carb...pasta could use courgette ribbons instead of pasta (or get yourself on lewcarmegastore or avidlite and buy low carb pasta).
white pasta is full of sugar as is some white bread hence the high carb content.
I am a carbaholic but decided to try a low carb diet last year, and although ive had some bumpy times i love it. I dont crave pasta or bread or potatoes.
have a look on the atkins and/or dukan sites at recipe threads and you will find some good low carb meals where you shouldnt need potatoes/pasta :)


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Celeriac is a wonderful low carb veg, that you can roast in chunks like roast potatoes or even make oven baked chips from. The chips where the brainchild of Slim104, so this isnt my invention, but this is waht you do.
Take a celeriac weighing about 450 - 500grms and cut it in half (for 1 portion), peel and cut the half into chip shape peices put them in boiling water and boil for 2 or 3 minutes then drain and let them dry a bit. Spray with onecal spray and sprinkle over about a good dessertspoon of curry powder then give them a good shake in the colander. Spray a baking tin with some onecal, then put the chips onto the tray and bake for about 20 - 25 mins in a hot oven. You can use other spices such as paprika if not keen on curry powder. These are such a delicious treat and much nicer than potato chips, sweet spicy and crispy. Im indebted to Slim104 for coming up with this recipe for celeriac and I would now much rather have these than ordinary chips.

I also boil and mash it with a bit of grated lemon rind for a really delicious mash.


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Sweet Potato is a good replacement for ordinary potatoes.

Try to start eating wholegrain pasta and eat less... then you're sorted!

I am a major carb & sugar aholic & have begun to find that eating a homemade smoothie for breakfast stops me from feeling hungry until I get out of work & can have lunch at 3.30pm... I think it's the natural peanut butter & the banana in them that curbs my hunger though?

Have a google for alternatives for potatoes & pasta :)
Thanks everyone. I've tried sweet potato and, though nice, it doesn't fulfill ALL my spud cravings :rolleyes: I'll persevere though :) Celeriac here I come :D
Thrifty Pixie said:
Thanks everyone. I've tried sweet potato and, though nice, it doesn't fulfill ALL my spud cravings :rolleyes: I'll persevere though :) Celeriac here I come :D
What is celeraic? X

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Celeriac is a root vegetable, about the size and shape of a swede but much less dense, low in calories and carbs.

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