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Violet is shrinking
my doctor asked me what sort of things ive been eating..

she knows i dont eat meat or fish, so im mainly eating veg,potatoes, jacket spud... then pasta and rice.

shes told me to watch i dont eat too many carbs..i know im under my carbs allowance on my fitness pal.. now im a bit worried about the carbs i eat.:rolleyes:

i do eat a lot of pasta and rice....

anybody else in a similar situation or maybe can suggest what else to eat?

im seriously thinking about eating chicken again,at least then i can have steamed chicken breast and veg...ive got some quorn style chicken fillets,but its surprising how much fat is in quorn products :eek:
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Hi bunny i'm sort of the same with as u but i dont like vegis so i tend to haveeither jacket pots or rice & pasta but i mix it a little bit i buy tescos tomato & onion pasta the i fry a chicken breast cut into pieces with onion & peppers then once the pasta is done i mix together really nice another i do is either chicken or reduced fat steak marinade over nite in mexican sachet from tescos then fry with onions & peppers then buy some savoury rice once rice is cooked mix together. Hope this helps.
i stick to the slimming world plan and on green days its unlimited carbs, like potatoes, rice and pasta as long as there not cooked with oil or fatty sauces.
I wouldn't worry if you're under your carb allowance on MyFitnessPal. If you're enjoying your meals and still losing weight, then it sounds to me like you've got it sussed!


Violet is shrinking
It just made me worry a bit, i know too many carbs are not good,i might try and cut down a bit..

thanks guys :D
You are losing weight really fast so your carbs are not doing any harm!


Violet is shrinking
I know what you mean downsizeme but, i having a lot of carbs with my meals,its practically full of them...i think it might encourage me to try other things too.

last night i had ww chilli with potatoe wedges, and some mushrooms....lovely!!
tonight i think im going to nuke a potatoe, with mexician rice and mushrooms, need to check it first though :D

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