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Carlsberg don't do diets...

...but if they did, I'd have a bigger budget!

Hi boys and girls of the Weight Watchers world, I'm really hoping you can help me with my ickle pickle.
I'm intending on re starting WW this week-enough is enough, I gotta do this before my belly actually bursts outta my jeans! Trouble is, it's a week before payday and have about £20-£25 for 8 days worth of shopping.
Please tell me that this is do-able? I REALLY wanna start ASAP, I can't wait another week, it has to happen NOW!!
Any tips would be appreciated so much!
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i always always buy my fuit and veg from the local market, it works out much cheaper (that is unless morrisons have the 30p/50p veg on offer)
i dont tend to buy many of the ready meals, but at asda there £1.00 this week. have a quick look through some of the food diarys and see if you can get any tips from there about what foods you like etc. and also someone started a thread about what they needed to stock up on, lots of great ideas on there. i wouldn say WW was an expensive diet to be on, as no food is necessarily 'out of bounds'. if you look on the cereal thread too there are loads of suprisingly low point cereals-great if you can find any of those on offer for £1.00. jacket potatoes too, a bag full for £1.00 at asda, and you can cut them into wedges and fry them with frylite to make chips when you've had enough of jacket potatoes lol.
If you buy lots of cheap veg and make a big batch of the 0 point soup, then that should help. I've not tried it myself, but heard many people rave about it!
Wholemeal pitta bread is quite inexpensive - I get about 5 or 6 for 47p in Tesco and they are 2 points each. You can put many different fillings in that.
Instead of buying pasta sauce, you could buy passata which is much cheaper and add your own herbs and spices.
Hartley's sugar free jelly is currently on offer in Tesco - 4 for £1 - great 0 point food.
That's all I can think of at the moment. Hope this helps :)

iceland are good for cheap frozen bits and always have the meals in for a quid and some of there own stuff is low points, and they also have fruit and milk quite cheap,

good luck x

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